Isolation and characterization of two forms of soluble NADH cytochrome b5 ruductase from human erythrocytes

Şaplakoğlu, Adile Umay


Isolation and partial characterization of a novel bacteriocin produced by Lactococcus lactis ssp lactis MC38
Tukel, Cagla; Avsaroglu, M. Dilek; Simsek, Omer; Akcelik, Mustafa (Wiley, 2007-02-01)
This work presents the isolation and partial characterization of a new lactococcal bacteriocin produced by Lactococcus lactis ssp. lactis MC38. The bacteriocin demonstrated broad spectrum of inhibition activity against both pathogenic and food spoilage organisms, and various lactic acid bacteria. This antimicrobial substance appeared to be proteinaceous because its activity was completely inactivated by proteinase K and alpha-chymotrypsin. It was heat and pH stable. The apparent molecular mass of the purifi...
Isolation and characterization of the K5-type yeast killer protein and its homology with an exo-beta-1,3-glucanase
Izgu, F; Altinbay, D (Informa UK Limited, 2004-03-01)
K5-type yeast killer protein in the culture supernatant of Pichia anomala NCYC 434 cells was concentrated by ultrafiltration and purified to homogenity by ion-exchange chromatography with a POROS HQ/M column followed by gel filtration with a TSK G2000SW column. The protein migrated as a single band on discontinous gradient SDS-PAGE and had a molecular mass of 49000 Da. The pI value of the K5-type killer protein was measured at pH 3.7 by high voltage vertical gel electrofocusing. The result of an enzyme immu...
Isolation and characterization of K6 type yeast killer toxin
Sağıroğlu(Koçer), Armağan; İzgü, Kadri Fatih; Department of Biology (2000)
Isolation, characterization and immobilization of polyphenol oxidases from mulberry(morus alba) leaf tissues
Sutay, Didem; Bakır, Ufuk; Department of Chemical Engineering (2003)
In this study, the aim was to find an economical plant source for polyphenol oxidase (PPO) production as an alternative to mushroom and possible application areas by characterization and immobilization of the PPOs. For this purpose, tissues of various plants of no commercial value were screened for their PPO activities. Mulberry leaf tissues showed the highest PPO activity against 4-methyl catechol which was comparable to that of mushroom. Average Km and Vmax values of free mulberry leaf PPOs were found as ...
Isolation and purification of red beet pigment betanine by ultrafiltraion.
Selemoğlu, Alev; Department of Food Engineering (1985)
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A. U. Şaplakoğlu, “Isolation and characterization of two forms of soluble NADH cytochrome b5 ruductase from human erythrocytes,” Middle East Technical University, 1991.