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A Culture of Managing Difference: Migration Management of Syrian and Iraqi nationals in Turkey

Zırh, Besim Can
Dromgold, Michelle Sara
This research project will be conducted by Michelle Dromgold (graduate student at Middle East Studies Program) under my supervision. In Turkey, national migration policy significantly changed in April 2013 with the introduction of the Law on Foreigners and International Protection (No. 6458) and the establishment of a new Directorate General of Migration Management. Yet, migration is not only managed at the national level, but also includes initiatives, exchanges and interactions among international (UN), supranational (EU), as well as civil society organizations, migrant networks, research centers, and private NGOs. To define and understand whether and how these actors contribute to migration management in Turkey, this research will analyze selected organizations, their practices and discourses as evident in 1) publications by these institutions since 2012 and 2) interviews with these institutions in Ankara, İstanbul, Hatay, Şanlıurfa and Gaziantep.