A Culture of Managing Difference: Migration Management of Syrian and Iraqi nationals in Turkey

This research project will be conducted by Michelle Dromgold (graduate student at Middle East Studies Program) under my supervision. In Turkey, national migration policy significantly changed in April 2013 with the introduction of the Law on Foreigners and International Protection (No. 6458) and the establishment of a new Directorate General of Migration Management. Yet, migration is not only managed at the national level, but also includes initiatives, exchanges and interactions among international (UN), supranational (EU), as well as civil society organizations, migrant networks, research centers, and private NGOs. To define and understand whether and how these actors contribute to migration management in Turkey, this research will analyze selected organizations, their practices and discourses as evident in 1) publications by these institutions since 2012 and 2) interviews with these institutions in Ankara, İstanbul, Hatay, Şanlıurfa and Gaziantep.


Bringing Critical Political Economy Back In: Neoliberal State Transformations and the Anthropology of the State
Bodırsky, Katharına(2016-12-31)
The objective of the proposed study is to develop a critical political economic approach within the anthropology of the state, an approach that combines the respective strengths of critical political economy and anthropology: a systemic perspective on the role of the state in reproducing unequal social orders with an ethnographic sensibility for global differences and local complexities. The emphasis in the first part of the study in 2016 will be on developing a framework for the study of 1) uneven geograph...
A Cross-Cultural Study on Outdoor Play: Teachers’ Beliefs and Practices
Yalçın, Fatma; Erden, Feyza (2021-04-01)
The aim of this multi-case study was to explore Turkish and Finnish teachers’ beliefs and practices of outdoor play. The participants consisted of seven Turkish and seven Finnish early childhood teachers. Data were drawn from semi-structured interviews with teachers and observation of teachers’ outdoor play practices. The main differences between two cases concerned barriers to outdoor play and practices of outdoor play. Finnish teachers identified no such barriers, whereas Turkish teachers stated they enco...
Exploring the beliefs of teacher educators, students, and administrators : a case study of the english language teacher education program in yemen
Muthanna, Abdulghani; Karaman, Abdullah Cendel; Department of English Literature (2011)
This study focuses on exploring the current (2009-2010) state of the English Language Teacher Education (ELTE) Program in Yemen. The current state of the program was investigated through exploring the beliefs of teacher educators, teacher candidates, and administrators. Additionally, available education policy documents were critically examined. A pilot study pointed to the need for interviews with various stakeholders of language teacher education. Multiple semi-structured interviews were designed and cond...
Does fulbright make a difference ? : the Turkish perspective
Engin Demir, Cennet; Aksu, Meral (2000-01-01)
This article reports on the findings of a research project carried out by a team of faculties at the Middle East Technical University and the Fulbright Education Committee in Turkey. The project aimed to investigate the Fulbright program's professional, personal, and social impacts and its effectiveness from the perspectives of Turkish scholars. Data were collected by mail from 277 Fulbright scholars living in various regions of Turkey. All of the scholars agreed that their Fulbright experience in the Unite...
The emergence and rise of Isis
Helvalı, Nuran; Göçer Akder, Derya; Department of Middle East Studies (2020)
This thesis research will investigate an in-depth study of the ISIS. The purpose of this study is to provide a general literature review of ISIS’s history, ideology, politics and military movements in local, regional and international dimensions. It was also aimed to locate it in other Islamist movements and find out the interaction of its movements with the international interventions. The main research question of the thesis was the how ISIS emerged and rose other in the region. The analysis of this study...
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