Türkiye de Kuraklık Riskine Karşı Index Tabanlı Tarım Sigortaları Geliştirilmesi

c) Önerilen konunun güncel ve evrensel olarak ulaşmış noktada üreteceği ek bilgi ve/veya teknoloji: In Turkey agriculture insurance was introduced as crop insurance only against hail risk, but did not brought a remarkable success in the sector. After the legalization of the law in agricultural insurance in 2005, TARSIM-Agricultural insurance pool enterprises has been established. Agricultural insurance which is on the volunteer basis is subsidized by the Government. A system of standardized premium determined by TARSIM and reinsured by Munich Re, TARSIM provides insurance coverage for such catastrophe risks which can not be coped by a single insurance company. The law no.5363, article 17 forbids ad- hoc payments to farmers without agricultural insurance for the risks that can be insured which reduces the economic burden of agricultural losses on government. Even though the trial on implementing index insurance did not yield successful results during 2002 and 2003, for the crops extending spatially over large geographic region, area yield-index insurance needs to be taken into account. For this reason index based insurance is not taken into account as a plausible methodology to optimize the risks of each parties: producers, Government and insurance companies. The outcomes of this project will give the intermediate steps on setting strategies on implementing index based insurance for specific products in Turkey under drought and flood risks.
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S. A. Kestel, “Türkiye de Kuraklık Riskine Karşı Index Tabanlı Tarım Sigortaları Geliştirilmesi,” 2012. Accessed: 00, 2020. [Online]. Available: https://hdl.handle.net/11511/61675.