Substitutional doping of B, Al and N in C-60 structure

Türker, Burhan Lemi
Substitutional doping of B, Al and N atoms in C-60 skeleton are investigated by using AMI (UHF) type semiempirical quantum chemical calculations. Energetically they are all stable but highly endothermic structures. However, the size of Al atom may be a considerable drawback.


Endohedrally palladium doped Si-60-ZINDO/1 treatment
Türker, Burhan Lemi (2001-07-16)
Endohedrally palladium atom doped Si-60, Pd@Si-60 is compared with Si-60 molecule structurally and quantum chemically by using ZINDO/1 (RHF) type semiempirical approach. The results indicate that donor-acceptor type pi -interaction between the Pd atom and Si-60 cage should occur, thus the dopant atom causes some geometry distortions and affects the molecular orbitals of Si-60.
Direct gas-phase epoxidation of propylene to propylene oxide through radical reactions: A theoretical study
Kizilkaya, Ali Can; Fellah, Mehmet Ferdi; Önal, Işık (2010-03-05)
The gas-phase radical chain reactions which utilize O-2 as the oxidant to produce propylene oxide (PO) are investigated through theoretical calculations. The transition states and energy profiles were obtained for each path. The rate constants were also calculated. The energetics for the competing pathways indicate that PO can be formed selectively due to its relatively low activation barrier (9.3 kcal/mol) which is in a good agreement with the experimental value (11 kcal/mol) of gas-phase propylene epoxida...
Hydrogen storage capability of carbon nanotube Be@C-120
Turker, L; Eroglu, I; Yucel, M; Gündüz, Ufuk (2004-12-01)
PM3 (RHF) type semiempirical quantum chemical calculations have been carried out on (nH(2) + Be)@C-120 Systems where C-120 is a capped tube and n less than or equal to 15. The results indicate that all these systems are stable but endothermic in nature. (7H(2) + Be)@C-120 system has the lowest heat of formation value. (C) 2004 International Association for Hydrogen Energy. Published by Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.
Gas phase reaction of boron fiber productıon
Fırat, Fatih; Özbelge, H. Önder; Department of Chemical Engineering (2004)
In the production of boron fibers using CVD technique, boron deposition and dichloroborane formation reactions take place in a reactor. Boron deposition reaction occurs at the surface while formation of dichloroborane is the result of both gas phase and surface reactions. A CSTR type of reactor was designed and constructed from stainless steel to investigate the gas phase reaction kinetics and kinetic parameters of boron fibers produced from the reaction of boron trichloride and hydrogen gases in a CVD reac...
PM3 treatment of some endohedrally Mg doped C60H2 systems
Türker, Burhan Lemi (Elsevier BV, 2002-12-09)
Semiempirical quantum chemical calculations at the level of PM3 (RHF) were carried out on the regio and stereoisomers of endohedrally magnesium doped C60H2 system, Mg@C60H2. In these systems, hydrogens occupy vicinal positions at the fusion sites of five and six membered rings or at the fusion points of two hexagons. All the structures were found to be stable but endothermic. In the case of In-56Mg@C60H2 some quasi-hydride interaction occurs between the inwardly oriented hydrogens and the endohedral substit...
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