Custom, power and the power of rules: international relations and customary international law.



Myth, Ideology And Hegemony: The Political Syntax Of American Environmental Design Tradition
Sargın, Güven Arif (Middle East Technical University, Faculty of Architecture, 1997)
This essay arose out of a new intellectual stream that specifically aims at understanding the role of politics in the perception of nature in American environmental design tradition. No doubt that a range of tendencies, movements, and styles in environmental design reflect certain perceptions and ideologies about the relationship of society to the natural world. They also represent the changing perceptions of natural and cultural landscapes in design practice over time and place. In this changing perception...
Ideology, subject, architecture: the transformation of architectural theory and the architect-subject in the 21st century
Çavdar, Rabia Çiğdem; Sargın, Güven Arif; Department of Architecture (2018)
This thesis will concentrate on how architecture is reproduced by ideology to structure/constitute the mind. I think that dominant ideologies ceased to structure the physical world (or perhaps it is easier for them to play over the physical world - power already has done it) and their new target is the human mind, where they have the potential to make radical inceptions. This thesis asks the question of how architecture affects the human mind with the transformation of late capitalism: how late capitalism u...
Patronage, party, and state: The politicization of Islam in Turkey
Ayata, S (1996-12-01)
The recent rise of political Islam in Turkey is examined in terms of a complex: interplay between four major processes: the policies of the parties on the center light toward religion; state-sponsored religious activities and the consolidation of establishment Islam; the impact of Sufi tarikats and communities; and the growing organizational strength, ideological appeal, and electoral base of the Islamist Welfare Party (WP).
Monopoly versus monopsony distortion and international trade theory
Abugamea, Gaber; Olgun, Hasan; Department of Economics (1988)
Myth, landscape and boundaries : the impact of the notion of sacredness of nature on Greek urbanism and architecture
Pınar, Ekin; Güven, Suna Naziyet; Department of History of Architecture (2006)
This thesis focuses on the impact of the notion of holiness of nature in ancient Greek thought and its reflection on urbanism and architecture with respect to the transformations that took place during the archaic period. The archaic period represented most fundamentally a shift from an era where everything was on the move to an era of territorialism which culminated in the establishment of the polis and the Greek temple. This shift was prominent in the sense that it pointed not only to a basic modification...
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