The angle of total pi-electron energy and localization energies of alternant hydrocarbons

Türker, Burhan Lemi
It has been proved that the localization energies of alternant hydrocarbons correlate linearly with cosines of the angle of total pi-electron energies of the corresponding sigma-complexes in chemical reactions. Topologically variable upper and lower bounds for the topological form of the localization energy are obtained. It has been shown that among the various sigma-complexes of the same compound, the one having the highest a(4) coefficient is more likely to form.


The exciton transition energies in symmetric double GaAs/AlxGa1-xAs quantum wells
Okan, SE; Aktas, S; Akbas, H; Tomak, Mehmet (Wiley, 1999-04-01)
The exciton transition energies between valence and conduction subbands of symmetric double quantum wells are studied. To study the effect of geometry coupled wells of rectangular, graded and parabolic shapes are considered. A special emphasis is given to the study of crossover between the symmetric light-hole (e1-11) and the antisymmetric heavy-hole (e2-h2) transitions.
Thermodynamic Parameters of Cholesteric/Smectic A Transition in Cholesteric Myristate and Its Binary Mixture CM/PCPB
Yurtseven, Hasan Hamit (Pleiades Publishing Ltd, 2018-06-01)
Thermodynamic properties of the cholesteryl myristate (CM) and its binary mixture CM/PCPB (p-pentylphenyl-2-chloro-4(p-pentylbenzoyl)-benzoate) are studied at the concentrations of x (PCPB) = 0.052 and 0.219 as a function of temperature near the cholosteric/smectic A transition. By analyzing the observed molar volume from the literature, the temperature dependences of the thermal expansion, isothermal compressibility and the difference in the specific heat are calculated and, the Pippard relations are estab...
The evolution of the magnetic moment in a corrugated magnetic field
Demokan, O; Mirnov, VV (1997-09-01)
In the first part, the equations of motion in a weakly corrugated, periodic magnetic field are linearized and solved by using paraxial approximation, to describe the model and the associated resonance condition. In the second part, the nonlinear evolution of the magnetic moment of resonant particles, in connection with their axial displacement is investigated analytically by using the multiple scale method. It is seen that the linear evolution is converted into a slow and periodic oscillation around the unp...
The mass and residues of radially and orbitally excited doubly heavy baryons in QCD
Alıyev, Tahmasıb; Bilmiş, Selçuk (Elsevier BV, 2019-04-01)
The mass and residues of the first radial and orbital excitations of J = 1/2 baryons containing two heavy quarks (b or c) are calculated within the QCD sum rules method. In calculations, the general forms of the interpolating currents with symmetric and anti-symmetric forms with respect to the exchange of heavy quarks have been used. Our results on the spectroscopic parameters of doubly heavy baryons are compared with the predictions of other theoretical approaches.
The gV sigma gamma coupling constants in hadron electrodynamics
Rekalo, MP; Tomasi-Gustafsson, E (Elsevier BV, 2003-09-22)
Recent measurements of the branching ratios for the decays omega --> pi(0) pi(0)gamma and rho(0) --> pi(0)pi(0)gamma lead to coupling constants of the Vsigmagamma interaction (V is a vector meson) one order of magnitude smaller than previously assumed to describe the threshold cross section of gamma + p --> p + rho(0) and the HERMES effect. The new g(Vsigmagamma)(2) a couplings are in contradiction with the predictions of the QCD sum rules, but are in agreement with vector meson dominance estimation of the ...
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