Performance optimization of induction motors during voltage-controlled soft starting

Zenginobuz, G
Cadirci, I
Ermiş, Muammer
Barlak, C
This paper deals with the performance optimization of medium/high-power induction motors during soft starting by eliminating the supply frequency torque pulsations, and by keeping the line current constant at the preset value. Starting torque pulsations are eliminated by triggering back-to-back-connected thyristors at proper points on the first supply voltage cycle. Line current during starting can be kept constant at any preset value by a simple strategy composed of successive cosinusoidal and constant function segments of the triggering angle. These strategies are implemented by the use of an 8-b microcontroller. Transient performance analyses of the system are carried out by means of a hybrid ABC/dq machine model which takes into account the three-phase, two-phase, and disconnected modes of operation in terms of actual stator variables. Experimental results obtained on a custom-design test bed are found to be in good agreement with the theoretical ones.


Performance Enhancement of the Single-Phase Series Active Filter by Employing the Load Voltage Waveform Reconstruction and Line Current Sampling Delay Reduction Methods
Senturk, Osman S.; Hava, Ahmet Masum (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), 2011-08-01)
This paper proposes the waveform reconstruction method (WRM), which is utilized in the single-phase series active filter's (SAF's) control algorithm, in order to extract the load harmonic voltage component of voltage harmonic type single-phase diode rectifier loads. Employing WRM and the line current sampling delay reduction method, a single-phase SAF compensated system provides higher harmonic isolation performance and higher stability margins compared to the system using conventional synchronous-reference...
Improving the Thermal Performance of Rotary and Linear Air-Cored Permanent Magnet Machines for Direct Drive Wind and Wave Energy Applications
Mueller, Markus A; Burchell, Joseph; Chong, Yew Chuan; Keysan, Ozan; McDonald, Alasdair; Galbraith, Mike; Subiabre, Estanislao J. P. Echenique (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), 2019-06-01)
Air-cored machines offer benefits in terms the elimination of magnetic attraction forces between stator and rotor. With no iron in the stator there is not a good thermal conduction path for heat generated by Joule losses in the stator winding. Results from both models and experimental tests are provided in this paper to investigate different methods of cooling air-cored windings, including natural air-cooling, direct liquid cooling, and the use of heat pipes.
Active clamped ZVS forward converter with soft-switched synchronous rectifier for high efficiency, low output voltage applications
Acik, A; Cadirci, I (Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET), 2003-03-01)
The analysis, design, and implementation of an active clamped ZVS forward converter equipped with a soft-switched synchronous rectifier (ACFC-SR), proposed for high-efficiency low output voltage DC-DC converter applications, is presented. The converter efficiency is maximised due to soft switching of the main, active clamp, synchronous rectifier, and freewheeling MOSFET switches. The operating principles of the ACFC-SR are analysed in detail, and the converter performance is compared with that of alternativ...
Hybrid connection of RF MEMS and SMT components in an impedance tuner
Unlu, Mehmet; Topalli, Kagan; Atasoy, Halil Ibrahim; Demir, Şimşek; Aydın Çivi, Hatice Özlem; Akın, Tayfun (Elsevier BV, 2010-01-01)
This paper presents a systematic construction of a model for a hybrid connected RF MEMS and SMT components in a reconfigurable impedance tuner. The double stub hybrid impedance tuner which employs a high number of MEMS switches is selected to demonstrate the feasibility of the connections. In the hybrid tuner, MEMS switches are actuated with DC bias signals, where SMT resistors de-couple RF from the DC lines. The hybrid tuner is realized in two steps, where the MEMS impedance tuner is fabricated on a glass ...
Parallel active filter design, control, and implementation
Özkaya, Hasan; Hava, Ahmet Masum; Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering (2007)
The parallel active filter (PAF) is the modern solution for harmonic current mitigation and reactive power compensation of nonlinear loads. This thesis is dedicated to detailed analysis, design, control, and implementation of a PAF for a 3- phase 3-wire rectifier load. Specifically, the current regulator and switching ripple filter (SRF) are thoroughly investigated. A novel discrete time hysteresis current regulator with multi-rate current sampling and flexible PWM output, DHCR3, is proposed. DHCR3 exhibits...
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G. Zenginobuz, I. Cadirci, M. Ermiş, and C. Barlak, “Performance optimization of induction motors during voltage-controlled soft starting,” IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON ENERGY CONVERSION, pp. 278–288, 2004, Accessed: 00, 2020. [Online]. Available: