Parallel active filter design, control, and implementation

Özkaya, Hasan
The parallel active filter (PAF) is the modern solution for harmonic current mitigation and reactive power compensation of nonlinear loads. This thesis is dedicated to detailed analysis, design, control, and implementation of a PAF for a 3- phase 3-wire rectifier load. Specifically, the current regulator and switching ripple filter (SRF) are thoroughly investigated. A novel discrete time hysteresis current regulator with multi-rate current sampling and flexible PWM output, DHCR3, is proposed. DHCR3 exhibits a high bandwidth while limiting the maximum switching frequency for thermal stability and its implementation is simple. In addition to the development of DHCR3, in the thesis state of the art current regulation methods are considered and thoroughly compared with DHCR3. Since the current regulator type determines the SRF topology choice, various SRF topologies are considered and a thorough design study is conducted and SRF topology selection and parameter determination methods are presented via numerical examples. Through a PAF designed for a 10kW diode/thyristor rectifier load, the superior performance of DHCR3 is verified through simulations and experiments and via comparison to other current regulators. The sufficient switching ripple attenuation of the SRF structures for the designed PAF system and the overall performance of the designed and built PAF system are demonstrated via detailed computer simulations and laboratory experiments. This thesis aids the PAF current regulator and SRF selection, design, and implementation.
Citation Formats
H. Özkaya, “Parallel active filter design, control, and implementation,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2007.