Additive polynomials over perfect fields

Durhan, Salih
Additive polynomials in one variable over valued fields of positive characteristic are sufficiently well understood in terms of their approximation properties. We extend results in this direction to multi-variable additive polynomials over perfect valued fields.
2nd International Conference and Workshop on Valuation Theory


Additive polynomials and primitive roots over finite fields
Özbudak, Ferruh (2001-01-01)
We prove existence of primitive roots with a prescribed nonzero image using the arithmetic of algebraic function fields for a class of polynomials over sufficiently large finite fields.
Kasal, Ozcan; Pierce, David (2015-11-01)
The theory of fields that are equipped with a countably infinite family of commuting derivations is not companionable, but if the axiom is added whereby the characteristic of the fields is zero, then the resulting theory is companionable. Each of these two theories is the union of a chain of companionable theories. In the case of characteristic 0, the model-companions of the theories in the chain form another chain, whose union is therefore the model-companion of the union of the original chain. However, in...
Seven, Ahmet İrfan (2015-02-01)
In the structural theory of cluster algebras, a crucial role is played by a family of integer vectors, called c-vectors, which parametrize the coefficients. It has recently been shown that each c-vector with respect to an acyclic initial seed is a real root of the corresponding root system. In this paper, we obtain an interpretation of this result in terms of symmetric matrices. We show that for skew-symmetric cluster algebras, the c-vectors associated with any seed defines a quasi-Cartan companion for the ...
Algebraic geometric methods in studying splines
Sipahi Ös, Neslihan; Bhupal, Mohan Lal; Altınok Bhupal, Selma; Department of Mathematics (2013)
In this thesis, our main objects of interest are piecewise polynomial functions (splines). For a polyhedral complex $\Delta$ in $\mathbb{\R}^n$, $C^{r}(\Delta)$ denotes the set of piecewise polynomial functions defined on $\Delta$. Determining the dimension of the space of splines with polynomials having degree at most $k$, denoted by $C^r_k(\Delta)$, is an important problem, which has many applications. In this thesis, we first give an exposition on splines and introduce different algebraic geometric metho...
Value sets of Lattes maps over finite fields
Küçüksakallı, Ömer (Elsevier BV, 2014-10-01)
We give an alternative computation of the value sets of Dickson polynomials over finite fields by using a singular cubic curve. Our method is not only simpler but also it can be generalized to the non-singular elliptic case. We determine the value sets of Lattes maps over finite fields which are rational functions induced by isogenies of elliptic curves with complex multiplication.
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