Late Ottoman Society: The intellectual legacy

Turan, Ömer


Late Ottoman modernization in jurisprudence: reasessing the approach to the Islamic tradition of fıqh (1908-1915)
Zobu, Simge; Zorlu Durukan, Şefika Akile; Department of History (2020-10)
This thesis aims to comprehend late Ottoman Modernization by focusing on the analysis of the approaches and discourses, argued by the limited circle of the ulema, on the Islamic tradition of fıqh between the years 1908 and 1915. The scope of this study is bounded by how the ulema problematized the Islamic tradition of fıqh, and how they reinterpreted its concepts, such as örf, maslahat, istislah, istihsan, during the Second Constitutional Era, in which the idea of law began to be transformed. Within ...
Late Antique and Byzantine Monuments, Sites, and Settlements in the Gulf of Mandalya in the light of Recent Archaeological Evidence, in Atti del XVI Congresso Internazionale di Archeologia Cristiana Roma 22-28 settembre ‘Costantino e i Costantinidi: l’innovazione costantiniana, le sue radici e i suoi sviluppi’, eds. O. Brandt, G. Castiglia, V. Fiocchi Nicolai, Città del Vaticano: Pontificio Istituto di Archeologia Cristiana, 2016, 1821-1841.
Serin, Ufuk (2016-09-28)
Late Antique Domestic architecture in Lycia: An Outline of Archaeological and Architectural Evidence
Özgenel, Lale (null; 2005-11-10)
Early Modern Ottoman Coffeehouse Culture and the Formation of the Consumer Subject
Karababa, Eminegül (Oxford University Press (OUP), 2011-02-01)
We examine the sociohistorical formation of the consumer subject during the development of consumer culture in the context of leisure consumption. Specifically, we investigate how an active consumer was forming while a coffeehouse culture was taking shape during early modern Ottoman society. Utilizing multiple historical data sources and analysis techniques, we focus on the discursive negotiations and the practices of the consumers, the marketers, the state, and the religious institution as relevant stakeho...
Late quaternary sedimentation in the strait of Bosphorus: a geophysical approach.
Okyar, Mahmut; Department of Marine Sciences (1987)
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Ö. Turan, Late Ottoman Society: The intellectual legacy. 2007, p. 661.