Late quaternary sedimentation in the strait of Bosphorus: a geophysical approach.

Okyar, Mahmut


Late quaternary sedimentation in the strait of bosporus: high-resolution seismic profiling
Alavi, Seyed Naeim; Okyar, Mahmut; Köse, Timur (Elsevier BV, 1989-10)
Uniboom profiling supported by borehole data in the southern part of the Bosporus revealed that close to its banks Holocene sediments are underlain by the faulted slopes of a valley cut in many places into the Palaeozoic bedrock. Away from the banks the sediments thicken and their boundary with the underlying Pleistocene deposits is defined by an erosional surface at about the 80 ms TWT. This surface marks the initiation of marine currents in the valley as its deeper parts began to be submerged in the late ...
Late Alpine evolution of the central Menderes Massif, western Turkey
Bozkurt, Erdin (2001-04-01)
The central Menderes Massif (western Turkey) is characterized by an overall dome-shaped Alpine foliation pattern and a N-NNE-trending stretching lineation. A section through the southern flank of the central submassif along the northern margin of Buyuk Menderes graben has been studied. There, asymmetric non-coaxial fabrics indicate that the submassif has experienced two distinct phases of Alpine deformation: a top-to-the N-NNE contractional phase and a top-to-the S-SSW extensional event. The former fabrics ...
Late Permian foraminiferal biofacies belts in Turkey paleogeographic and tectonic implications
Altıner, Demir; Altıner, Sevinç (2000-01-01)
Upper Permian marine carbonates are distinguished in two contrasting biofacies belts in Turkey. The Southern Biofacies Belt, represented by low-energy inner platform deposits of the Tauride Belt and the Arabian Platform, is rich in algae and smaller foraminifera but poor in fusulines. The Kubergandian and Murgabian stages are missing, although the rest of the Upper Permian consists of monotonous, shallow-marine carbonate deposits. The extremely tectonised and fragmented Northern Biofacies Belt includes the ...
Late Carboniferous and early Permian fusulinoideans in the Central Taurides, Turkey: Biostratigraphy, faunal composition and comparison
Kobayashi, Fumio; Altıner, Demir (GeoScienceWorld, 2008-01-01)
The Upper Carboniferous and Lower Permian rock units in the Hadim area, central Taurides, Turkey, are biostratigraphically divided into eleven fusulinoidean zones in ascending order: the Protriticites variabilis, Montiparus umhonoplicatus and Schwageriniformis schwageriniformis Zones in the Kasimovian; the Jigulites aff. formosus, Daixina asiatica and Rugosofusulina sp. A Zones in the Gzhelian; the Paraschwagerina sp. and Dutkevichia complicata Zones in the Asselian; the Paraschwagerina pseudondra and Robil...
Late quaternary seismic stratigraphy and active faults of the Gulf of Izmit (NE Marmara Sea)
OKYAR, Mahmut; Pinar, Ali; Tezcan, Devrim; Kamaci, Zueheyr (2008-06-01)
The Upper Quaternary seismic stratigraphy and active faults of the Gulf of Izmit were investigated by means of high-resolution shallow seismic profiling data in the source region of 1999 Izmit earthquake. High-resolution seismic reflection data correlated with borehole data indicate that the stratigraphy of Izmit Bay consists of three distinct depositional sequences formed in response to middle Pleistocene-Holocene sea-level changes. Reflector R, separating the pre-Holocene sequences (1 and 2) from the Holo...
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M. Okyar, “Late quaternary sedimentation in the strait of Bosphorus: a geophysical approach.,” Middle East Technical University, 1987.