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Discourses shape foreign language learning and teaching: The story of a language institution

Ozbilgin, Alev
According to Gee (1998) the practices of social groups are never just reading and writing practices that take place in an institution; they also involve ways of talking, interacting, valuing and believing. Certain discourse tools offer researchers to study and analyze discourses of institutions in a concrete way (Fairclough, 1995). In this article discourses at a language institution are selected and analyzed from a larger case study of reading and writing practices at a State University in Turkey (Ozbilgin, 2004). The discourses and their associated roles include those of an instructor, a supervisor and administrative personnel at an English-medium institution. This collective case study will discuss how written and spoken texts and literacy practices of an institution have been analyzed to see the network of relations to form the discourse of an institution. The impacts of this network of relations are analyzed to see how they affect EFL teaching and learning.