Recastıng and transmıttıng creatıve practıces: A practıce theory approach

Hajiamiri, Milad
This dissertation explores the nexus of creative practices, that is, the ways in which sayings and doings of creative practices are linked. The study investigates whether drawing on the social practice theory could lead to a new way of exploring and understanding creative practices and to the identification of the ways in which they are reinterpreted and transmitted. This study adopted inductive reasoning and a grounded theory approach and started with an exploratory study to identify cases from different fields including performing arts, visual communication and industrial design education. The case studies reveal that creative practices are complex and multifaceted social phenomena; their development, sustainability, and transmission involve practitioners, audiences, processes, tools, and various actors. The study indicates that performing a creative practice requires following rules, exercising skills and knowledge, reinterpreting and improvising with techniques and materials, and interacting practitioners and audiences. The space where a creative practice is performed is the generative locus of the practice and has an essential role in creating a milieu for its social reinterpretation and transmission.


Using mobile communication tools in web based instruction
Avenoğlu, Bilgin; Özden, M. Yaşar; Department of Computer Education and Instructional Technology (2005)
This thesis investigates the perceptions of students about using mobile communication tools in web-based instruction. A mobile learning portal that can be used by different mobile devices was designed for this purpose. This portal included a mobile discussion forum and a course information system. Sixty undergraduate and five graduate students from METU/CEIT department used this portal as a supportive learning activity in three different courses throughout two-three, and four-week periods. The discussion su...
Using Grice's Cooperative Principle and its maxims for analyzing coherence : a study on academic writing
Özhan, Didem; Ruhi, Şükriye; Department of English Language Teaching (2004)
Coherence in written discourse is considered to be a complex and a fuzzy concept but it is, at the same time, a crucial feature of any well-written text. The present study aims to contribute to the field of the teaching of the concept of coherence by proposing an approach to analyzing coherence in students̕ essays in the context of the Department of Modern Languages (DML) at Middle East Technical University (METU) and to the teaching of the concept. The study suggests an approach involving Gricean maxims fo...
Spatiality of diaspora: representation of home on urban street in the case of Beyoğlu, Istanbul
Uysal, Burcu; Severcan, Yücel Can; Department of City and Regional Planning (2019)
Elaborated on the notion and the production of diaspora as space through the tactics of territoriality that surface in the practices of everyday life, this research posits the idea of home embedded in the essence of the diaspora in its focus. It argues that through the ways of operating in the city, the diasporic subject represents the idea of home in urban space, and thus appropriates it by bending the territorial boundaries and blurring the distinction between us and them. Drawing on go-along interviews a...
The research agenda for general practice/family medicine and primary health care in Europe. Part 3. Results: Person centred care, comprehensive and holistic approach
Van Royen, Paul; Beyer, Martin; Chevallier, Patrick; Eilat-Tsanani, Sophia; Lionis, Christos; Peremans, Lieve; Petek, Davorina; Rurik, Imre; Soler, Jean Karl; Stoffers, Henri Ejh; Topsever, Pinar; Ungan, Mehmet; Hummers-Pradier, Eva (Informa UK Limited, 2010-06-01)
The recently published ‘Research Agenda for General Practice/Family Medicine and Primary Health Care in Europe’ summarizes the evidence relating to the core competencies and characteristics of the Wonca Europe definition of GP/FM, and its implications for general practitioners/family doctors, researchers and policy makers. The European Journal of General Practice publishes a series of articles based on this document. In a first article, background, objectives, and methodology were discussed. In a second art...
Discourses shape foreign language learning and teaching: The story of a language institution
Ozbilgin, Alev (2010-02-08)
According to Gee (1998) the practices of social groups are never just reading and writing practices that take place in an institution; they also involve ways of talking, interacting, valuing and believing. Certain discourse tools offer researchers to study and analyze discourses of institutions in a concrete way (Fairclough, 1995). In this article discourses at a language institution are selected and analyzed from a larger case study of reading and writing practices at a State University in Turkey (Ozbilgin...
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M. Hajiamiri, “Recastıng and transmıttıng creatıve practıces: A practıce theory approach,” Ph.D. - Doctoral Program, Middle East Technical University, 2022.