Deep insights to transient pressure behavior and stabilized productivity index of multilateral wells in laterally and spatially anisotropic reservoirs

Al-Rbeawi, Salam
The objective of this paper is focusing deep insights on stabilized productivity index (PI) and transient pressure behaviors and flow regimes of multilateral wells. It introduces an integrated approach for the performance of reservoirs depleted by multilateral wells extending in arbitrary trajectories. The study introduces new practical solutions for estimating stabilized pseudo-steady state (PSS) productivity index and starting time of PSS as well as transient PI behavior of multilateral wells in single and dual porous media with laterally and spatially anisotropic characteristics.


Fishbone type horizontal wellbore completion: A study for pressure behavior, flow regimes, and productivity index
Al-Rbeawi, Salam; Artun, Emre (2019-05-01)
This paper focuses on studying pressure behavior, flow regimes, and productivity index of oil and gas reservoirs depleted by horizontal wells with a fishbone type completion technology. The main objective is introducing an integrated approach for the favorable configuration and distribution of multilateral horizontal wells extending in porous media at arbitrary directions and arbitrary permeability trajectories. The study aims to demonstrate the advantages and disadvantages of fishbone completion in terms o...
Analysis of pressure behaviors and flow regimes of naturally and hydraulically fractured unconventional gas reservoirs using multi-linear flow regimes approach
Al-Rbeawi, Salam (2017-09-01)
This paper targets the applicability of multi-linear flow regimes approach in gas reservoirs having multiple porous media: matrix, natural fractures, and hydraulic fractures. The approach attempts to understand pressure profiles and flow regimes developed in some of unconventional shale layers that have already been naturally fractured. In this paper, the main focus is given to fluid flow phenomenon from the matrix towards naturally induced fractures and from these fractures to the hydraulic fractures. Stud...
Bivariate Log-Normal Distribution of Stimulated Matrix Permeability and Block Size in Fractured Reservoirs: Proposing New Multilinear-Flow Regime for Transient-State Production
Al-Rbeawi, Salam (2018-08-01)
This paper investigates the impacts of varied stimulated matrix permeability and matrix-block size on pressure behaviors and flow regimes of hydraulically fractured reservoirs using bivariate log-normal distribution. The main objective is assembling the variance in these two parameters to the analytical models of pressure and pressure derivative considering different porous-media petrophysical properties, reservoir configurations, and hydraulic-fracture (HF) characteristics. The motivation is eliminating th...
Modeling oxidation and plasticity induced damage in thermal barrier coatings (TBCS)
Sait, Ferit; Gürses, Ercan; Department of Aerospace Engineering (2020)
Computational analysis and simulation of multi-physics phenomena taking place in coating systems is still a challenging task. Specifically, for ceramic coatings used as protective systems for base materials against elevated temperatures, known as thermal barrier coating (TBC) systems, construction of continuum level models which can express coupled nonlinear phenomena has attracted great attention. Thermal stresses, oxidation, creep and numerous other mechanisms and phenomena make it even harder to model an...
An experimental study on off-design performance and noise in small pumps
Şahin, Fatma Ceyhun; Eralp, O. Cahit; Department of Mechanical Engineering (2007)
This thesis study is focused on experimentally investigating pump noise at design and off-design operations and its relations with pressure fluctuations. Small size pumps are placed in a semi-anechoic chamber and operated at various system conditions and various rotational pump speeds. Pump operational data, noise data and time dependent pressure data are recorded. Fast Fourier Transform spectra of noise and pressure data are compared. Coherence spectrum between sound pressure level and hydraulic pressures ...
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S. Al-Rbeawi, “Deep insights to transient pressure behavior and stabilized productivity index of multilateral wells in laterally and spatially anisotropic reservoirs,” JOURNAL OF NATURAL GAS SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING, pp. 240–265, 2018, Accessed: 00, 2020. [Online]. Available: