Linearization in satellite attitude control with modified Rodriguez parameters

Doruk, R. Özgür
Purpose - The purpose of this paper is to analyze the results of the Jacobian matrix linearization of the satellite attitude dynamics with modified Rodriguez parameters (MRP) as attitude representation.


Linearization-based attitude error regulation: multiplicative error case
Doruk, R. Ozgur (2009-01-01)
Purpose - The purpose of this paper is to design and simulate a linearized attitude stabilizer based on linear quadratic regulator theory (LQR) using the multiplicative definition of the attitude.
An almost disturbance decoupling solution of the attitude control problem
Doruk, R. Oezguer; Kocaoglan, Erol (2008-01-01)
Purpose - The purpose of this paper is to derive a robust nonlinear attitude control law intended for practical application.
Satellite attitude control by integrator back-stepping with internal stabilization
Doruk, Resat Oezguer; Kocaoglan, Erol (2008-01-01)
Purpose - This paper aims to focus on the implementation of the integral back-stepping control on the model of BILSAT - 1 satellite of the Turkish Scientific and Technological Research Council (TUBITAK).
Moving Object Detction in 2D and 3D Scenes
Sırtkaya, Salim; Alatan, Abdullah Aydın; Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering (2004)
This thesis describes the theoretical bases, development and testing of an integrated moving object detection framework in 2D and 3D scenes. The detection problem is analyzed in stationary and non-stationary camera sequences and different algorithms are developed for each case. Two methods are proposed in stationary camera sequences: background extraction followed by differencing and thresholding, and motion detection using optical flow field calculated by أKanade-Lucas Feature Trackerؤ. For non-stationary ...
Tracer model identification using artificial neural networks
Akın, Serhat (American Geophysical Union (AGU), 2005-10-26)
The derivation of transport parameters from tracer tests conducted in geothermal systems will depend strongly on the conceptual and mathematical model that is fitted to the data. Depending on the model employed the estimation of transport parameters (porosity and dispersivity of the fracture network, porosity of the matrix) may result in a significant variation in dispersivity. If the results from such tracer tests are to be used in parameter selection for larger-scale models, it is crucial that the tracer ...
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