Reducing earthquake-related fears in victim and nonvictim children

Karairmak, Oezlem
Aydin, Gul
In this study, the authors investigated the fears of earthquake victim and nonvictim elementary school students and the effectiveness of an activity-based cognitive fear reduction (ABCF) procedure developed by the authors. To measure fear, the authors collected data from 266 participants using a modified version of the Fear Survey Schedule for Children (FSSC; W. Yule, O. Udwin, & K. Murdoch, 1990). Results demonstrated that earthquake victim children were more fearful on 2 subtests of the FSSC than were nonvictim children and that girls had significantly stronger fears on all subscales than did boys. The ABCF procedure was not an effective approach for reducing the fears of earthquake victims. However, the control group did demonstrate a significant reduction in fears. The authors suggest that the activity designed for this group may have been an intervention in itself. The authors discuss this finding and offer suggestions for researchers and therapists.


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