Models for Pore Pressure Response of Low Plastic Fines Subjected to Repeated Loads

Bakir, Sadik
Cyclic pore pressure response of low plastic fines is examined with regard to factors influencing overall behavior of such soils under repeated loads. A model for pore pressure generation under repeated loads and another model for relationship between cyclic pore pressure and straining are proposed. The models are developed in consideration of an extended database generated through a comprehensive literature review. The models are evaluated based on the comparisons between predicted and measured pore pressure responses.


Estimation of grain characteristics of soils by using cone penetration test (CPT) data
Ozan, Cem; Çetin, Kemal Önder; Department of Civil Engineering (2003)
Due to lack of soil sampling during a conventional cone penetration testing (CPT), it is necessary to classify soils based on recorded tip and sleeve friction and pore pressure (if available) values. However, currently available soil classification models are based on deterministic and judgemental determination of soil classification boundaries which do not address the uncertainties intristic to the problem. Moreover, size and quality of databases used in the development of these soil classification models ...
Bivariate Log-Normal Distribution of Stimulated Matrix Permeability and Block Size in Fractured Reservoirs: Proposing New Multilinear-Flow Regime for Transient-State Production
Al-Rbeawi, Salam (2018-08-01)
This paper investigates the impacts of varied stimulated matrix permeability and matrix-block size on pressure behaviors and flow regimes of hydraulically fractured reservoirs using bivariate log-normal distribution. The main objective is assembling the variance in these two parameters to the analytical models of pressure and pressure derivative considering different porous-media petrophysical properties, reservoir configurations, and hydraulic-fracture (HF) characteristics. The motivation is eliminating th...
A Preliminary study on construction of a high capacity tensiometer and its use in measurement of matrik suction in unsaturated soils
Köksalan, Ali Okan; Toker, Nabi Kartal; Department of Civil Engineering (2013)
Soil suction is one of the main state parameters that governs unsaturated soil behaviour. Tensiometers are the only type of probe that can measure soil suction directly, but only up to 90 kPa. In the past two decades, a new type of tensiometer with much greater measurement range (up to 2 MPa) has appeared in the literature. The measurement range (i.e. capacity) of a tensiometer is limited by (i) how well it is saturated, and (ii) the air entry value of its porous interface. In this study, the first high cap...
Simulation of hysteresis in soil-water retention with a correlation between the invading pressure to the governing effective flow area
Sattari, Amir Shoarian; Siebelist, Marlena; Toker, Nabi Kartal; Wuttke, Frank (Springer Science and Business Media LLC, 2020-03-23)
In order to determine the soil-water retention (SWR) behavior of a particulate medium, the invading phase pressure in the inter-particle level is correlated to the governing effective pore area in the wetting and drying paths. In a three-phase medium that consists of air, wetting fluid and solids, the invading phase on the drying path is air, whereas on the wetting path the wetting fluid advances into the cavities. On a drying path where the area of a cavity is minimum, the air-entry pressure (AEP) of a por...
Modeling, analysis, and screening of cyclic pressure pulsing with nitrogen in hydraulically fractured wells
Artun, Emre; Khoei, Ali Aghazadeh; Köse, Kutay (Springer Science and Business Media LLC, 2016-7-19)
Cyclic pressure pulsing with nitrogen is studied for hydraulically fractured wells in depleted reservoirs. A compositional simulation model is constructed to represent the hydraulic fractures through local-grid refinement. The process is analyzed from both operational and reservoir/hydraulic-fracture perspectives. Key sensitivity parameters for the operational component are chosen as the injection rate, lengths of injection and soaking periods and the economic rate limit to shut-in the well. For the reservo...
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