Modeling Morpheme Triplets with a Three-level Hierarchical Dirichlet Process

Kumyol, Serkan
Morphemes are not independent units and attached to each other based on morphotactics. However, they are assumed to be independent from each other to cope with the complexity in most of the models in the literature. We introduce a language independent model for unsupervised morphological segmentation using hierarchical Dirichlet process (HDP). We model the morpheme dependencies in terms of morpheme trigrams in each word. Trigrams, bigrams and unigrams are modeled within a three-level HDP, where the trigram Dirichlet process (DP) uses the bigram DP and bigram DP uses unigram DP as the base distribution. The results show that modeling morpheme dependencies improve the F-measure noticeably in English, Turkish and Finnish.


Characterization of Riesz Spaces with Topologically Full Center
Alpay, Safak; Orhon, Mehmet (2013-07-26)
Let E be a Riesz space and let E-similar to denote its order dual. The orthomorphisms Orth(E) on E, and the ideal center Z(E) of E, are naturally embedded in Orth(E-similar to) and Z(E-similar to) respectively. We construct two unital algebra and order- continuous Riesz homomorphisms.
Pamuk, Semra (2014-07-03)
Let G be a finite group and F be a family of subgroups of G closed under conjugation and taking subgroups. We consider the question whether there exists a periodic relative F-projective resolution for Z when F is the family of all subgroups HG with rkHrkG-1. We answer this question negatively by calculating the relative group cohomology FH*(G, ?(2)) where G = Z/2xZ/2 and F is the family of cyclic subgroups of G. To do this calculation we first observe that the relative group cohomology FH*(G, M) can be calc...
Derived length of a Frobenius-like kernel
Ercan, Gülin; Khukhro, Evgeny (2014-08-15)
A finite group FH is said to be Frobenius-like if it has a nontrivial nilpotent normal subgroup F called kernel which has a nontrivial complement H such that FH/[F,F] is a Frobenius group with Frobenius kernel F/[F,F]. Suppose that a Frobenius-like group FH acts faithfully by linear transformations on a vector space V over a field of characteristic that does not divide vertical bar FH vertical bar. It is proved that the derived length of the kernel F is bounded solely in terms of the dimension m = dim C-V(H...
Analysis of the Lambda b -> Lambda l(+)l(-) decay in QCD
Alıyev, Tahmasıb; Savcı, Mustafa (2010-03-01)
Taking into account the Lambda baryon distribution amplitudes and the most general form of the interpolating current of the Lambda(b), the semileptonic Lambda(b) --> Lambda l(+)l(-) transition is investigated in the framework of the light cone QCD sum rules. Sum rules for all 12 form factors responsible for the Lambda(b) --> Lambda l(+)l(-) decay are constructed. The obtained results for the form factors are used to compute the branching fraction. A comparison of the obtained results with the existing predi...
Yang-Mills solutions on Euclidean Schwarzschild space
Tekin, Bayram (2002-04-15)
We show that the apparently periodic Charap-Duff Yang-Mills "instantons" in time-compactified Euclidean Schwarzschild space are actually time independent. For these solutions, the Yang-Mills potential is constant along the time direction (no barrier) and therefore, there is no tunneling. We also demonstrate that the solutions found to date are three-dimensional monopoles and dyons. We conjecture that there are no time-dependent solutions in the Euclidean Schwarzschild background.
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