Analysis of Non-Homogeneous Weibull Distributed Clutter

Yasin, M. Hanseref
Uner, Mucahit K.
In this study, for high resolution CFAR (Constant False Alarm Rate) radar systems, Expectation-Maximization (EM) method was applied to range heterogeneous Weibull clutter to determine homogeneous regions and estimate the parameters of distributions. The number of distribution in range and their ratio, the scale and shape parameter of distributions were assumed to be unknown. The performance of EM algorithm in terms of, the number of clutter regions in the environment, the ratio of the regions, the number of CFAR reference cells, the value of shape and scale parameters of the distributions, was analysed.
27th Signal Processing and Communications Applications Conference (SIU)


Applications of estimation techniques on genetic and other types of data
Aslan, Murat; Akkaya, Ayşen; Department of Statistics (2003)
The parameters of genetic and other types of data, particularly with small samples, are estimated by using method of moments, least squares, minimum chi- square, maximum likelihood and modified maximum likelihood estimation methods. These methods are also compared in terms of their efficiencies and robustness property.
Calculation of the Raman frequencies as a function of temperature in phase I of benzene
Tari, O.; Yurtseven, Hasan Hamit (2013-06-01)
This study gives our calculation of the Raman frequencies of the lattice modes A (A(1g)), B (A(g)B(2g)) and C (B1gB3g) as a function of temperature at constant pressures of 0, 1.4 and 3.05 GPa for the solid phase I of benzene. The Raman frequencies of those lattice modes are calculated using the volume data from the literature through the mode Gruneisen parameters for the solid phase I of this molecular crystal. It is shown here that the Raman frequencies of the lattice modes studied decrease with increasin...
Reducing computational demand of multi-state constraint kalman filter in visual-inertial odometry applications
Eyice, Kerem; Çiloğlu, Tolga; Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering (2019)
The aim of this study is to reduce the computational load required by Multi-State Constraint Kalman Filter in visual-inertial odometry applications while maintaining the accuracy of the localization solution. In order to accomplish this, a keyframe-based pose selection mechanism is proposed. The proposed method fuses visual measurements with inertial measurements in order to estimate the kinematics of the platform. The contribution of this study is to reduce computational demand of the filtering operations ...
Analysis Window Length Selection For Linear Signal Models
Yazar, Alper; Candan, Çağatay (2015-05-19)
A method is presented for the selection of analysis window length, or the number of input samples, for linear signal modeling without compromising the model assumptions. It is assumed that the signal of interest lies in a known linear space and noisy samples of the signal is provided. The goal is to use as many signal samples as possible to mitigate the effect of noise without violating the assumptions on the model. An application example is provided to illustrate the suggested method.
ONDER, M; Kuzuoğlu, Mustafa (Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET), 1992-10-01)
An optimisation approach is presented for the problem of reconstructing the permittivity and conductivity profiles of a dielectric slab from the reflected and transmitted field data. The problem is treated as an optimal control problem where the norm of the difference of measured and calculated boundary data is minimised subject to the state equation governing the system. The original constrained optimisation problem is reduced to the evaluation of stationary points of an augmented functional which is obtai...
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