Why Turkey needs to integrate virtual and remote laboratory technology to technical vocational school of higher education system: A situation analysis

Uzun, Erman
Kara, Ayse Gul
The emergences of new and advanced technologies have led to an increase in jobs that require more knowledgeable person in their field. In this context, vocational education tries to adapt itself to this new situation, because the industry demands well educated technicians with the ability to use new instruments, and devices. However, in Turkey the situation of the technical vocational school of higher education is not very optimistic. Although there are several problems in these educational institutions, there is an increasing demand to the technical vocational school of higher education because students can go to technical vocational school of higher education without a university entrance exam. This demand cannot be met, because of the lack of resources and staff available. In this situation virtual and remote laboratories will contribute to the development of technical vocational school of higher education in Turkey by filling absence of adequate staff and instruments.


The Role of Technology Faculties in Engineering Education
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ÇAKIR, HASAN; Delialioğlu, Ömer; ÖZGÜL, EMRE (2019-10-01)
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