Foresight 6.0: The New Generation of Technology Foresight

Cifci, Hasan
Yuksel, Nurdan
Futures studies have always been important for people to anticipate the future and take actions. Since technology is for society, Future oriented Technology Analyses (FTA) have been widely implemented based on different concepts through different dimensions. Foresight, one of the FTA, has evolved throughout its journey within its generations until today. In this article, foresight generations in the literature are put forth as grouped and the framework of new technology foresight generation as sixth generation (Foresight 6.0) is offered and detailed. Foresight 6.0 is evaluated on the focused dimensions, participating actors, economic bases and principles. The rising concepts of Industry 4.0, netocracy, cyberspace, biotechnology, ethical values and blurriness of the roles in economy are the primary factors in this new generation of foresight.
IEEE International Conference on Engineering, Technology and Innovation (ICE/ITMC)


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