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Transmitting boundary conditions suitable for analysis of dam-reservoir interaction and wave load problems

Cetin, M
Mengi, Y
Transmitting boundary conditions (tbcs) are developed, suitable for both boundary and finite element analyses, for the radiation of waves propagating in horizontal direction along a compressible inviscid fluid layer. The derivation of the proposed tbcs uses a completely continuum approach and is based on the spectral properties of radiating waves. The formulation is presented in Fourier space and accommodates the effects due to surface waves, as well as, due to the radiation of waves in viscoelastic foundation. The proposed tbcs may be used in the analyses of both dam-reservoir systems and wave load problems of floating or submerged bodies. Here, for assessment, they are used in the analyses of two simple benchmark problems. The results indicate that, when used in conjunction with boundary element analysis, the proposed tbcs not only improve the prediction of BEM, but also reduce the computational load of the analysis. (C) 2003 Elsevier Science Inc. All rights reserved.