Resource management in cellular communication networks with subscriber profile prediction

Yilmaz, N
Ergul, R
in this paper, a dynamic resource management and subscriber profile prediction scheme for mobile communication systems is presented. Using this approach, a high level of QoS for both handoff calls and new calls, and better utilization of wireless network resources has been achieved. The simultaneous satisfaction of these two actually conflicting interests will be due to two key features. First, it is due to the subscriber profile predicted using subscriber data. This apriori information about possible handoffs is provided by the mobile terminal and subsequently used for reservation requests. This information is based on the cell transition probabilities calculated by the mobile itself using collected information during past operations. Second, it is due to a two-way approach implemented in the radio resource reservation and new call admission processes. The two-way approach controls both the amount of reservation and the new call admission process in a highly dynamic way, depending on the subscriber mobility and network traffic conditions. Simulation and analytical results are presented and they indicate that proposed approach is superior to techniques previously reported.
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N. Yilmaz and R. Ergul, “Resource management in cellular communication networks with subscriber profile prediction,” 2004, p. 180, Accessed: 00, 2020. [Online]. Available: