Prospective Mathematics Teachers' Views on the FATIH Project: The Big Educational Technology Movement in Turkey

Cevikbas, Mustafa
Cevikbas, Seher
The purpose of the present study was to evaluate the FATIH Project from the perspective of future mathematics teachers. Contributions to the education system derived from the project, and related problems that emerged from the implementation process, were investigated based on the prospective teachers' observations. Qualitative research methods were used in the study, and the participants were 50 prospective mathematics teachers, who were senior students from a state university in Turkey. They were selected by means of purposeful sampling among students who were completing their teaching education in the high schools where the project was being implemented. The data was collected by means of focus group interviews, observations and a questionnaire prepared by the researchers. The data was analyzed by a way of descriptive analysis. Results revealed that the participants viewed the project as an important educational reform movement. However, the participants also indicated that it did not seem possible for the project to achieve its goals.


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