A computer program to analyze and design simple span composite highway bridges using steel girders

Guneri, Koray


A computer program to analyze and design highway bridge superstructures.
Arkun, Metin; Department of Civil Engineering (1978)
A finite element method computer program for evaluating stress and displacement fields of soil due to undrained loading.
Göksü, Halil; Department of Civil Engineering (1972)
A computer program for the analysis of 1-D contaminant migration through a soil layer
Çokça, Erdal (Elsevier BV, 2003-01-01)
The physical and chemical processes that influence contaminant transport through a saturated soil layer are presented. The computer program (1DContr) was developed based on existing analytical solutions for one-dimensional transport of contaminants in a saturated soil layer. The computer program is given for pulse and continuous source. The formulation includes advective and dispersive transport as well as sorption and first order transformation. The computer program that is based on analytical solutions is...
A fuzzy logic tool to evaluate low-head hydropower technologies at the outlet of wastewater treatment plants
Ak, Mumtaz; Kentel Erdoğan, Elçin; KÜÇÜKALİ, SERHAT (2017-02-01)
This study aims to find the most sustainable mature Low-Head (LH) hydropower technology option to generate hydroelectricity at the outlet of wastewater treatment plants by assessing the relevant economic, technical, and environmental criteria. A total of six criteria are assessed: investment cost, payback period, energy generation performance, construction duration, fish-friendliness, and aeration capacity. The fuzzy logic tool estimates satisfaction of each criterion separately and then aggregates them int...
A Cloud Removal Algorithm to Generate Cloud and Cloud Shadow Free Images Using Information Cloning
Kalkan, Kaan; Maktav, M. Derya (Springer Science and Business Media LLC, 2018-08-01)
One of the main problems of optical remote sensing is clouds and cloud shadows caused by specific atmospheric conditions during data acquisition. These features limit the usage of acquired images and increase the difficulty in data analysis, such as normalized difference vegetation index values, misclassification, and atmospheric correction. Accurate detection and reliable cloning of cloud and cloud shadow features in satellite images are very useful processes for optical remote sensing applications. In thi...
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K. Guneri, “A computer program to analyze and design simple span composite highway bridges using steel girders,” Middle East Technical University, 1988.