Evaluation of Image Representations for Player Detection in Field Sports Using Convolutional Neural Networks

Sah, Melike
Direkoglu, Cem
Player detection is an important task in sport video analysis. Once players are detected accurately, it can be used for player tracking, player activity/performance analysis as well as team activity recognition. Recently, convolutional Neural Networks (CNN) became the state-of-the-art in computer vision for object recognition. CNN based methods usually use gray or RGB images as an input. It is also possible to use other image representation techniques such as shape information image and polar transformed shape information image for player detection. In this paper, we evaluate various image representation techniques for player detection using CNN. In our evaluation, first the candidate image regions for players are determined using a sliding window technique. Then these regions are input to CNN for player detection. We examine four different types of image representations as an input to CNN: RGB, gray, shape information and polar transformed shape information image. Evaluation is conducted on a field hockey dataset. Results show that CNN based player detection is effective and different image representations yield different performances.


Prediction of the Ball Location on the 2D Plane in Football Using Optical Tracking Data
Amirli, Anar; Alemdar, Hande (2022-01-01)
Tracking the ball location is essential for automated game analysis in complex ball-centered team sports such as football. However, it has always been a challenge for image processing-based techniques because the players and other factors often occlude the view of the ball. This study proposes an automated machine learning-based method for predicting the ball location from players' behavior on the pitch. The model has been built by processing spatial information of players acquired from optical tracking dat...
Player detection in field sports
Direkoglu, Cem; Sah, Melike; O'Connor, Noel E. (2018-02-01)
We describe a method for player detection in field sports with a fixed camera setup based on a new player feature extraction strategy. The proposed method detects players in static images with a sliding window technique. First, we compute a binary edge image and then the detector window is shifted over the edge regions. Given a set of binary edges in a sliding window, we introduce and solve a particular diffusion equation to generate a shape information image. The proposed diffusion to generate a shape info...
How do soccer teams coordinate consecutive passes? A visual analytics system for analysing the complexity of passing sequences using soccer flow motifs
Malqui, Jose Luis Sotomayor; Romero, Noemí Maritza Lapa; Garcia, Rafael; Alemdar, Hande; Comba, João L.D. (Elsevier BV, 2019-11-01)
The analysis of passing strategies plays a major role in soccer. Soccer managers use scouting, video footage, and soccer data feed to collect information about tactics and player performance. However, the nature of passing strategies is complex enough to reflect what is happening in the match and makes it hard to understand its dynamics. Furthermore, there exists a growing demand for pattern detection and passing analysis popularized by FC Barcelona's tiki-taka. In this paper, we describe a visual analytics...
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Akpınar, Samet; Alpaslan, Ferda Nur; Department of Computer Engineering (2018)
Video information retrieval is a field of multimedia research enabling us to extract desired semantic information from video data. In content-based video information retrieval, visual content obtained from video scenes is utilized. For developing methods to cope with content-based video information retrieval in terms of temporal concepts such as action, event, etc., representation of temporal information becomes critical. In this thesis, action detection is tackled based on a temporal video representation m...
Gokturk, Ziya Ozkan; Çiçekli, Fehime Nihan; Cicekli, Ilyas (2008-10-29)
Event detection is a crucial part for soccer video searching and querying. The event detection could be done by video content itself or from a structured or semi structured text files gathered from sports web sites. In this paper, we present an approach of metadata extraction from match reports for soccer domain. The UEFA Cup and UEFA Champions League Match Reports are downloaded from the web site of UEFA by a web-crawler. Using regular expressions we annotate these match reports and then extract events fro...
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