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An adaptable interface circuit for low power MEMS piezoelectric energy harvesters with multi-stage energy extraction
Chamanian, Salar; Ulusan, Hasan; Zorlu, Ozge; Muhtaroglu, Ali; Kulah, Haluk (IEEE; 2017-10-21)
This paper presents a self-powered interface circuit to extract energy from ambient vibrations for powering up microelectronic devices. The system uses a MEMS piezoelectric energy harvester to scavenge power in 5 μW to 400...
Electromagnetic Energy Harvesting By Using Tunable Metamaterial Absorbers
Bakir, Mehmet; KARAASLAN, MUHARREM; Dincer, Furkan; Akgol, Oguzhan; ÜNAL, EMİN; DELİHACIOĞLU, KEMAL; Sabah, Cumali (2015-05-19)
In this study, electromagnetic (EM) energy harvesting by using metamaterial absorber is numerically explained. Operation frequency is 2.40 GHz since it is the industrical scientific and medical (ISM) band. This band is esp...
Packet Arrival Analysis in Wireless Sensor Networks
Doddapaneni, Krishna; Shah, Purav; Ever, Enver; Tasiran, Ali; Omondi, Fredrick A.; Mostarda, Leonardo; Gemikonakli, Orhan (2015-03-27)
Distributed sensor networks have been discussed for more than 30 years, but the vision of Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs) has been brought into reality only by the rapid advancements in the areas of sensor design, informat...
Combining Trending Scan Paths with Arousal to Model Visual Behaviour on the Web: A Case Study of Neurotypical People vs People with Autism
Matthews, Oludamilare; Eraslan, Sukru; Yaneva, Victoria; Davies, Alan; Yesilada, Yeliz; Vigo, Markel; Harper, Simon (2019-01-01)
People with autism often exhibit different visual behaviours from neurotypical users. To explore how these differences are exhibited on the Web, we model visual behaviour by combining pupillary response, which is an unobtr...
Addressing the Challenges of Situationally-Induced Impairments and Disabilities in Mobile Interaction
Tigwell, Garreth W.; Sarsenbayeva, Zhanna; Gorman, Benjamin M.; Flatla, David R.; Goncalves, Jorge; Yesilada, Yeliz; Wobbrock, Jacob O. (2019-01-01)
Situationally-induced impairments and disabilities (SIIDs) make it difficult for users of interactive computing systems to perform tasks due to context (e.g., listening to a phone call when in a noisy crowd) rather than a ...
Design of Tunable Amplifier Using Digital Capacitors
Atilla, Dogu Cagdas; Aydin, Cagatay; Nesimoglu, Tayfun; KÖPRÜ, RAMAZAN; Aksen, Ahmet; Yarman, B. S. (2014-12-14)
In recent days, radio manufacturers are increasingly interested in broadband amplifiers for cellular communication. Demands of customers enforce manufacturers to develop systems compatible for all standards and it is manda...
Primary Dendrite Trunk Diameter in Al-7wt% Si Alloy Directionally Solidified Aboard the International Space Station
Upadhyay, S. R.; Tewari, S. N.; Ghodes, M.; Grugel, R. N.; Poirier, D. R.; Lauer, M. (2019-01-01)
Under a NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Agency)-ESA (European Space Agency) collaborative research project, MICAST (Microstructure formation in casting of technical alloys under a diffusive and magnetically controlled...
Requirements Engineering for Cloud Systems: A Mapping Study Design
Wanderley, Fernando; Souza, Eric; Goulao, Miguel; Araujo, Joao; Cysneiros, Gilberto; Misra, Ananya (2017-07-06)
Cloud Computing gets increasingly established in industrial practice as an option for modelling cost-efficient and demand-oriented information systems. Despite the increasing acceptance of cloud computing within the indust...
Classifying Children with 3D Depth Cameras for Enabling Children's Safety Applications
Basaran, Can; Yoon, Hee Jung; Ra, Ho Kyung; Son, Sang Hyuk; Park, Taejoon; Ko, JeongGil (2014-09-17)
In this work, we present ChildSafe, a classification system which exploits human skeletal features collected using a 3D depth camera to classify visual characteristics between children and adults. ChildSafe analyzes the hi...
Optimal Array size for Multiuser MIMO
Hameed, Khalid W.; Noras, James M.; Radwan, Ayman; Al-Turjman, Fadi; Rodriguez, Jonathan; Abd-Alhameed, Raed A. (2018-06-29)
This paper investigates the optimal number of antennas at a base station, in contrast to what has been accepted in the past: that increasing the number of antennas at base station always enhances performance. In this study...