Improved eigen-value corner detection technique

Ipek, HL
Yardimci, Y
Eigenvalue based corner detection is known to be effective in detecting corners of objects in noise. In this paper, a comer detection technique based on including the orientation and the angle of the comer in addition to its eigenvalue is introduced. It is shown that both orientation and comer information improve the detectability of corners. Moreover, comers that have been selected via the new technique are more likely to be detected in subsequent frames and therefore improve the performance of an object tracker. This modification only adds a minor computational load to our tracking scheme. Real and synthetic images are used to evaluate the detection performance as well as their effect on tracking.


Utilization of dense depth information for monoview object detection and instance segmentation
Çakırgöz, Çağlayan Can; Alatan, Abdullah Aydın; Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering (2022-5-10)
Object detection aims for detecting objects of certain classes in an image by bounding them in rectangular boxes whereas instance segmentation tries to detect objects in pixel level. Deep learning techniques, which have shown great improvements over the last decade, are utilized in these topics as well, and a significant success is achieved against the traditional methods. Similar improvements can be observed in dense depth estimation which deals with deducing dense information of a scene from a single imag...
Okman, O. Erman; Akar, Gözde (2013-05-31)
In this paper a novel fast circle detection algorithm is proposed which depends on the spatial properties of the connected components on the image. Two 1-D transforms of each connected component is obtained by taking the Radon Transform of the image for two different directions, which are in fact the integrations of the image through horizontal and vertical directions. Circles are detected using the similarities of detected peaks on the transformed functions and the characteristics of the values in between ...
Kaya, Emre Can; Alatan, Abdullah Aydın (2018-10-10)
A novel extension to proposal-based detection is proposed in order to learn convolutional context features for determining boundaries of objects better. Objects and their context are aimed to be learned through parallel convolutional stages. The resulting object and context feature maps are combined in such a way that they preserve their spatial relationship. The proposed algorithm is trained and evaluated on PASCAL VOC 2007 detection benchmark dataset and yielded improvements in performance over baseline, ...
A Computationally Efficient Appearance-Based Algorithm for Geospatial Object Detection
Arslan, Duygu; Alatan, Abdullah Aydın (2012-04-27)
A computationally efficient appearance-based algorithm for geospatial object detection is presented and evaluated specifically for aircraft detection from satellite imagery. An aircraft operator exploiting the edge information via gray level differences between the aircraft and its background is constructed with Haar-like polygon regions by using the shape information of the aircraft as an invariant. Fast evaluation of the aircraft operator is achieved by means of integral image. Rotated integral images are...
Improvements on one-stage object detection by visual reasoning
Aksoy, Tolga; Halıcı, Uğur; Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering (2022-5-09)
Current state-of-the-art one-stage object detectors are limited by treating each image region separately without considering possible relations of the objects. This causes dependency solely on high-quality convolutional feature representations for detecting objects successfully. However, this may not be possible sometimes due to some challenging conditions. In this thesis, a new architecture is proposed for one-stage object detection that reasons the relations of the image regions by using self-attention. T...
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