The Potential of Quantified Surface Data in Understanding the Rural Landscapes of Middle Byzantine Komana

Erciyas, Deniz Burcu
Tatbul, Mustafa Nuri


The significance of the episodic nature of atmosphericdeposition to Low Nutrient Low Chlorophyll regions
Guieu, C.; Aumont, O.; Paytan, L.; Bopp, L.; Law, C.s; Mahowald, N.; Achterberg, E.p; Maran, E.; Salihoğlu, Barış; Crise, A.; Wagener, T.; Herut, B.; Desboeufs, K.; Kanakidou, K.; Olgun, N.; Peters, F.; Pulidovillena, E.; Tovarsanchez, A.; Völker, C. (null; 2014-10-15)
In the vast Low Nutrient Low‐Chlorophyll (LNLC) Ocean, the vertical nutrient supply from the subsurface to the sunlit surface waters is low, and atmospheric contribution of nutrients may be one order of magnitude greater over short timescales. The short turnover time of atmospheric Fe and N supply (<1 month for nitrate) further supports deposition being an important source of nutrients in LNLC regions. Yet, the extent to which atmospheric inputs are impacting biological activity and modifying the carbon bal...
The role of metacognition in students’ mental models of the quantization
Didiş Körhasan, Nilüfer; Eryılmaz, Ali; Erkoç, Şakir (2018-09-01)
As part of a multiphase study (Didiş et al., 2014; Didiş et al., 2016), this research focused on the effective issues on cognition, and it examined the role of metacognition in the construction of mental models. With the identification of students’ mental models of quantization of physical observables in the previous parts of the project, we considered metacognition theory to identify how knowledge about cognition influenced the construction of their mental models. Semi-structured interviews were conducted ...
The optimality of potential rescaling approaches in land data assimilation
Yılmaz, Mustafa Tuğrul (American Meteorological Society, 2013-04-01)
It is well known that systematic differences exist between modeled and observed realizations of hydrological variables like soil moisture. Prior to data assimilation, these differences must be removed in order to obtain an optimal analysis. A number of rescaling approaches have been proposed for this purpose. These methods include rescaling techniques based on matching sampled temporal statistics, minimizing the least squares distance between observations and models, and the application of triple collocatio...
The Potential Role of Government in Development Process of a Cluster Policy
Erdil, Erkan; Ioannis, Katsikis (IGI-Global, Hershey, 2013-01-01)
Recent evidence strongly suggests that firms’ joint action may be insufficient for the creation of clusters in order to face the new competitive pressures of globalization. To cope with these pressures, the authors argue that governments can play an important role in the process of creating the development of clusters. Based on a theoretical framework, they examine the way in which governmental intervention and public policies to foster cluster creation may provide positive outcomes. Here, the authors study...
The role of inscriptions in students’ understanding of a probability distribution
Kazak, Sibel (2006-04-26)
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D. B. Erciyas and M. N. Tatbul, “The Potential of Quantified Surface Data in Understanding the Rural Landscapes of Middle Byzantine Komana,” Journal of Eastern Mediterranean Archaeology and Heritage Studies, vol. 11, pp. 21–44, 2023, Accessed: 00, 2023. [Online]. Available: