Self-dual Yang-Mills fields in eight dimensions

Bilge, AH
Dereli, T
Kocak, S
Strongly self-dual Yang-Mills fields in even-dimensional spaces are characterised by a set of constraints on the eigenvalues of the Yang-Mills fields F-mu nu. We derive a topological bound on R(8), integral(M)(F, F)(2) greater than or equal to k integral(M) p(1)(2), where p(1) is the first Pontryagin class of the SO(n) Yang-Mills bundle, and k is a constant. Strongly self-dual Yang-Mills fields realise the lower bound.


The path integral quantization and the construction of the S-matrix operator in the Abelian and non-Abelian Chern-Simons theories
Fainberg, VY; Pak, Namık Kemal; Shikakhwa, MS (IOP Publishing, 1997-06-07)
The covariant path integral quantization of the theory of the scalar and spinor fields interacting through the Abelian and non-Abelian Chern-Simons gauge fields in 2 + 1 dimensions is carried out using the De Witt-Fadeev-Popov method. The mathematical ill-definiteness of the path integral of theories with pure Chern-Simons' fields is remedied by the introduction of the Maxwell or Maxwell-type (in the non-Abelian case) terms, which make the resulting theories super-renormalizable and guarantees their gauge-i...
ERIS, A; GURSES, M; Karasu, Atalay (AIP Publishing, 1984-01-01)
We formulate stationary axially symmetric (SAS) Einstein–Maxwell fields in the framework of harmonic mappings of Riemannian manifolds and show that the configuration space of the fields is a symmetric space. This result enables us to embed the configuration space into an eight‐dimensional flat manifold and formulate SAS Einstein–Maxwell fields as a σ‐model. We then give, in a coordinate free way, a Belinskii–Zakharov type of an inverse scattering transform technique for the field equations supplemented by a...
Dynamical systems and Poisson structures
Guerses, Metin; Guseinov, Gusein Sh; Zheltukhın, Kostyantyn (AIP Publishing, 2009-11-01)
We first consider the Hamiltonian formulation of n=3 systems, in general, and show that all dynamical systems in R-3 are locally bi-Hamiltonian. An algorithm is introduced to obtain Poisson structures of a given dynamical system. The construction of the Poisson structures is based on solving an associated first order linear partial differential equations. We find the Poisson structures of a dynamical system recently given by Bender et al. [J. Phys. A: Math. Theor. 40, F793 (2007)]. Secondly, we show that al...
Monopole equations on 8-manifolds with spin(7) holonomy
Bilge, AH; Dereli, T; Kocak, S (Springer Science and Business Media LLC, 1999-05-01)
We construct a consistent set of monopole equations on eight-manifolds with Spin(7) holonomy. These equations are elliptic and admit non-trivial solutions including all the 4-dimensional Seiberg-Witten solutions as a special case.
Finite action Yang-Mills solutions on the group manifold
Dereli, T; Schray, J; Tucker, RW (IOP Publishing, 1996-08-21)
We demonstrate that the left (and right) invariant Maurer-Cartan forms for any semi-simple Lie group enable solutions of the Yang-Mills equations to be constructed on the group manifold equipped with the natural Cartan-Killing metric. For the unitary unimodular groups the Yang-Mills action integral is finite for such solutions. This is explicitly exhibited for the case of SU(3).
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A. Bilge, T. Dereli, and S. Kocak, “Self-dual Yang-Mills fields in eight dimensions,” LETTERS IN MATHEMATICAL PHYSICS, pp. 301–309, 1996, Accessed: 00, 2020. [Online]. Available: