Friendship, Perceived Mattering and Happiness: A Study of American and Turkish College Students

Demir, Meliksah
Ozen, Ayca
Although it is well established that friendship is a consistent correlate of happiness, less is known about how friendship experiences might promote happiness. The current investigation addressed this gap by testing a mediational model proposing that perceived mattering explains the association of friendship quality with happiness among college students in Turkey and the United States. An alternative model suggesting friendship quality as the mediator was also tested to enhance confidence in the proposed model. SEM analyses revealed that perceived mattering mediated the association of friendship with happiness only in the American sample. In the Turkish sample, friendship quality mediated the association between mattering and happiness. Findings highlight the importance of cross-cultural research and suggest that the underlying processes and psychological mechanisms related to the friendship-happiness link might be different in different cultures.


Cross-sex Friendship and Happiness
A D, Procsal; Melikşah, Demir; Doğan, Aysun; Özen, Ayça; Sümer, Nebi (Springer- Netherlands, 2015-01-01)
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The Cognitive, Emotional and Behavioral Indicators of Dispositional Gratitude in Close Friendship: The Case of Turkey
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True and false memory with emotionally valenced words: depression, trait anxiety and personality factors
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Structural violence and bio-power
Demirbaş, Elif; Birler, Reşide Ömür; Department of Political Science and Public Administration (2019)
This study aims at rethinking the political meaning of friendship and interrogating the possibility of considering friendship as a way to collectivity. For this purpose, Rancièrian conceptualization of politics as an aesthetic matter and as a presupposition of equality is examined. It is suggested that Rancièrian theoretical framework provides insights for considering friendship as a community of equals and thus as a way to collectivity by bearing the original paradox of politics within itself.
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