Sediment and water phosphorus characteristics in a pond of spring origin, Sakaryabasi springs basin, Turkey

Pulatsü, Serap
Akçora, Akasya
Köksal, Fatma
The purpose of this study was to determine the changes in concentrations of phosphorus and iron in pondwater and porewater in the littoral zone of Sakaryabasi-Kirkgiz pond in central Turkey. The pond supplies water to the Rainbow Trout Fish Culture and Research Station in four months in which temperatures do not show a strong variation (16degreesC-22degreesC). Concentrations of soluble reactive phosphorus were 4- to 5-fold higher in porewater than in pondwater; thus, diffusion of SRP from porewater to pondwater might be possible. Water content of the sediment was high, although loss on ignition ranged from 13 to 18% and iron content ranged from 0.16 to 0.22 mg/gdw. The total phosphorus content of the sediment was high, with a range 0.64 to 1.70 mg/gdw, and organic phosphorus was the dominant sedimentary phosphate pool in October, January, and April. Despite having calcerous sediment in the drainage area, a relatively low quantity of phosphorus was bound to calcium and aluminium. In April and October, sediment phosphorus and SRP in porewater and overlying water were greater than in other months. Our results suggest that it would be more appropriate to control phosphorus concentration in spring and autumn than in the warm summer months.


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