Geophysical and rock mechanics investigations at Berke dam site

Bozdag, T
Sari, D
Pasamehmetoglu, AG


Geotechnical characterization and rock mass classification of the Antalya karstic rock masses
Sopacı, Evrim; Akgün, Haluk; Department of Geological Engineering (2012)
This thesis identifies the geotechnical parameters of the Antalya karstic foundation rocks (travertine/tufa), which are highly variable in nature, by means of geological observations, geotechnical site investigations, and field and laboratory geomechanics tests to examine karstic (mainly tufa) rock mass behavior. Several geotechnical parameters such as porosity, seismic wave velocity, uniaxial compressive strength, Young’s modulus, tensile strength, etc. that are thought to have significant influence on roc...
Geochemical and geochronological data from charnockites and anorthosites from India's Kodaikanal-Palani Massif, Southern Granulite Terrain, India
Sayıt, Kaan; Sivasubramanian, P; Dubey, C. S. (Springer, 2011-01-01)
The Kodaikanal–Palani Massif is an important component of India’sSouthern Granulite Terrain; understanding the tectonic history of its rocks lendsconsiderable insight into its role within South India. The massif is located southof the Palghat Cauvery Shear Zone (PCSZ). Compilations of available geochronologicand geochemical information from charnockites north and south of the PCSZshow these rocks largely differ in age, with northern samples recording Archaeancrystallization events, whereas those to the sout...
Geochemical and Geochronological Data from Charnockites and Anorthosites from India's Kodaikanal-Palani Massif, Southern Granulite Terrain, India
Sayıt, Kaan; Catlos, Elizabeth J.; Sivasubramanian, P.; Dubey, C.S. (2009-10-30)
Geotechnical Field Observations from 23 October 2011 Van Earthquake (Mw=7.1)
Gülerce, Zeynep; Çetin, Kemal Önder; Yılmaz, Mustafa Tolga; Huvaj Sarıhan, Nejan; Türkoğlu, Mehmet (null; 2012-10-17)
Geotechnical engineering education in METU and computer aided learning resources
Çokça, Erdal (2008-06-04)
In this paper, the state-of-practice in undergraduate geotechnical engineering (Soil Mechanics and Foundation Engineering) education in the Department of Civil Engineering of the Middle East Technical University (METU CE) is given. The use of computers in undergraduate courses is becoming a more widespread form of teaching in geotechnical engineering education. This paper also presents a list of web resources (e.g. PC Programs, web-based resources, cd-rom resources) currently available in geotechnical engin...
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T. Bozdag, D. Sari, and A. Pasamehmetoglu, “Geophysical and rock mechanics investigations at Berke dam site,” 1996, p. 505, Accessed: 00, 2020. [Online]. Available: