Energy in Reboucas-Tiomno-Korotkii-Obukhov and Godel-type space-times in Bergmann-Thomson's formulations

Aydogdu, O
Salti, M
Korunur, M
We calculate the total energy (the matter plus fields) of the universe considering Bergmann-Thomson's energy-momentum formulation in both Einstein's theory of general relativity and tele-parallel gravity on two different space-times; namely Reboucas-Tiomno-Korotkii-Obukhov and the Godel-type metrics. We also compute some kinematical quantities for these space-times and find that these space-times have shear-free expansion and non-vanishing four-acceleration and vorticity. Different approximations of the Bergmann-Thomson energy-momentum formulation in these different gravitation theories give the same energy density and agree with each other. The results advocate the importance of energy-momentum definitions.

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O. Aydogdu, M. Salti, and M. Korunur, “Energy in Reboucas-Tiomno-Korotkii-Obukhov and Godel-type space-times in Bergmann-Thomson’s formulations,” ACTA PHYSICA SLOVACA, vol. 55, no. 6, pp. 537–548, 2005, Accessed: 00, 2020. [Online]. Available: