Modeling the college application decision process in a land-grant university

DesJardins, SL
Dundar, H
Hendel, DD
Over the past two decades as student recruitment has become increasingly important, numerous studies have examined the college choice process in an attempt to identify factors influencing students' decision making. The findings from these studies are particularly helpful for college administrators in identifying a potential pool of desirable students and in implementing new recruitment techniques. In this study we used a logistic regression model to investigate the effects of variables relating student characteristics and institutional factors on the decision to apply to a large land-grant university. [JEL 121]


Metaphorical images of an organization: The power of symbolic constructs in reading change in higher education organizations
Simsek, H (1997-04-01)
Based on interviews with 24 faculty members at a large, public university, this article reports the use of metaphors as a new conceptual strategy to analyze change in higher education organizations. Results of the study indicate that strategic choices guiding the behavior of the organization under study and the metaphorical images held by the faculty members about their organization show a high degree of congruence. Implications for change and maintenance of enacted realities in higher education organizatio...
Uncovering the relationship between student engagement and organizational culture in a public university in Turkey
Borhan, Ersan.; Emil, Serap; Department of Educational Administration and Planning Education (2020)
Student engagement has become a seminal phenomenon in recent higher education studies since it is associated with both desirable student outcomes and the quality of higher education policies and practices. It is defined as the time and energy devoted by the students to their studies and institutional efforts to create effective educational environment. Although the literature has given in-depth comprehension about the role of organizational characteristics in engagement, there has been few studies touching ...
Testing a model of career indecision among university students based on social cognitive career theory
Büyükgöze Kavas, Ayşenur; Güneri, Oya; Department of Educational Sciences (2011)
The aim of the current study is to investigate the some potential factors that contribute to career indecision of university students. In accordance with that, a mediational causal model based on Social Cognitive Career Theory (SCCT) was proposed to test; a) the direct and indirect relationships of locus of control, perceived parental attitudes, career decision-making self-efficacy, and career outcome expectations with career indecision and b) to what extend the combination of these variables explain career...
Modeling technology integration of teachers: the role of school climate and leadership
Yurttav, Hakkı; Kondakçı, Yaşar; Department of Educational Sciences (2020)
The purpose of this study is to examine the relationship between school climate, leadership and technology integration of teachers. The variables of the study were classified at three levels as school climate, leadership and technology integration. Within the scope of the study, teacher collaboration, trust in school principal and enabling school structure are the school climate based variables, and technology leadership is the leadership-based variable. The population of the study consists of teachers work...
Development and Validation of Formative Feedback Perceptions Scale in Project Courses for Undergraduate Students
Sat, Mustafa (2017-01-01)
There has been an increasing trend towards project-based approach in higher education. For that reason, assessing and evaluating students' perceptions on formative feedback becomes an important aspect of students' learning in groupwork. Valid and reliable instruments are required to measure how students perceive formative feedback given to them from multiple sources. Therefore, the aim of the current study is to develop and validate a multidimensional formative feedback perception scale (FFPS) for the asses...
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