Quasiperiodic oscillations (QPOs) at frequencies of 5-8 Hz are a common feature of low-mass X-ray binaries (LMXBs) during their normal branch (NB) spectral states. We propose that this frequency band is essentially a band of rotation frequencies in a thick accretion disk. The high luminosities in the NB state give rise to the thick disk and slow down the dynamical timescales. Density and optical-thickness perturbations in a subsonic region of the disk have the frequency spectrum of sound in a rotating medium. X-rays scattered through the subsonic region are modulated by long wavelength optical-thickness oscillations whose frequencies, determined by the rotation rate and vorticity, are observed as the NB QPOs.


Frequency Resolved Spectroscopy of XB 1323-619 and EXO 0748-676
Balman, Şölen (2009-09-11)
We present the frequency resolved energy spectra (FRS) of the low-mass X-ray binary dipper XB 1323-619 and EXO 0748-676 using archival XMM-Newton observations. The FRS of XB 1323-619 is well described by a single blackbody component with kT in a range 1.2-1.6 keV. We attribute this to an existing boundary layer, the likely source of the soft emission, supported by radiation pressure. We detect a different form of FRS for the frequency ranges 0.9-6 Hz and 8-30 Hz which is modeled best with a power law and a ...
X-ray and optical observations of high mass x-ray binaries
Beklen, Elif; Baykal, Altan; İnam, Çağdaş; Department of Physics (2010)
In this thesis, X-ray and optical observations of accretion powered pulsars are presented. By using archival RXTE observations we work on the X-ray spectral and pulse timing analysis of 4U 1538-52, 4U 1907+09, SMC X-1 to have more detailed information about their orbital and spin parameters. For 4U 1538-52 and SMC X-1, we determined new orbital epochs. By using long term pulse history of 4U 1907+09, we were able to work spin-down trend of the system and also calculate the change in the spin-down rate. Using...
X-ray flux and pulse frequency changes of three high mass X-ray binary pulsars: Vela X-1, GX 301-2 and OAO 1657-415
Inam, SC; Baykal, Altan (2000-01-01)
Using archival BATSE (Burst and Transient Source Experiment) 20-50 keV band X-ray flux and pulse frequency time series, we look for correlations between torque, luminosity and specific angular momentum for three high mass X-ray binary pulsars Vela X-1, GX 301-2 and OAO 1657-415. Our results show that there is no correlation between pulse frequency derivative and flux which may be an indication of the absence of stable prograde accretion disk. From the strong correlation of specific angular momentum and torq...
Recent Spin Rate Measurements of 4U 1907+09
Sahiner, S.; İNAM, SITKI ÇAĞDAŞ; Baykal, Altan (2010-08-06)
In this study, X-ray spectral and pulse timing analysis of the high mass X-ray binary (HMXB) pulsar 4U 1907+09, based on the observations with RXTE are presented. Spin rate measurements indicate a new spin-down episode with a rate close to the previous steady spin-down rate. Orbital phase resolved spectroscopy reveals that the Hydrogen column density varies through the orbit reaching to its maximum value just after periastron. A slight spectral softening with increasing luminosity is aslo observed.
Pulse frequency changes of 1E 2259+586 and the binary interpretation
Baykal, Altan (1996-03-20)
Pulse frequencies from the archival ROSAT observations of 1E 2259+586 are presented. A short-term spin-up episode superposed on the secular spin-down trend is observed. Combining the previously published pulse frequencies, we estimate the variance of the angular velocity over a 15 yr span of observations. The level of fluctuations in angular velocity is similar to that of established accreting binary neutron stars. These results favor accretion by a neutron star from a very low mass companion as the source ...
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