Thermally stimulated current in layered semiconductor TlInS2 with incommensurate phase

Ozdemir, S
Suleymanov, RA
Civan, E
Firat, T
The thermally stimulated current (TSC) is studied in the temperature range between the commensurate phase (CP) and incommensurate phase (ICP) in layered semiconductor TIInS2. It is shown that the successive thermocyclings between the CP and ICP lead to remarkable changes in the TSC spectrum. The changes in the TSC spectrum are explained in the framework of the model which is based on the interaction of modulation structure with the traps in TIInS2. In order to obtain the straightforward information about this interaction, the trapping parameters are determined from the TSC curves before and after the successive thermocylings.


Critical behaviour of the Raman frequency shifts in the vicinity of the lambda-phase transition in NH4Br
Yurtseven, Hasan Hamit (2006-01-01)
This study gives the temperature dependence of the Raman frequencies for the lattice mode of upsilon(7) (TA) and the internal mode of upsilon(2) close to the X-phase transition (T-lambda=234K, P=\) in NB4Br.
Alıyev, Tahmasıb; PAK, NK; REKALO, MP (Springer Science and Business Media LLC, 1994-12-01)
The internal conversion process D* --> De(+) e(-), and D*($) over bar D-pair production in e(+) e(-) -collisions, e(+) e(-) --> D*($) over bar D, which are described by the same electromagnetic form factor with time-like momentum transfer, have been analyzed. After carrying out a general analysis of the kinematical aspects of the one-photon mechanism has been performed and the predictions of the vector-dominance model for the D* --> D transition form factor are discussed. It is shown that use of the asympto...
Ultrasonic frequencies calculated for the q[100] mode in the first-order, tricritical and the second-order phase transitions of NH4Cl
Yurtseven, Hasan Hamit (2001-06-01)
This study correlates the volume changes to the ultrasonic frequencies of the q[100] mode of NH4Cl for the first-order, tricritical and the second-order phase transitions in this crystal. Using these correlations we were able to calculate the ultrasonic frequencies of this mode at the pressures of 0, 0.6 and 1.1 kbar (first-order), 1.6 kbar (tricritical) and 2.15 kbar (second-order) by means of the volume change data from the literature. Our calculated frequencies are in good agreement with the observed dat...
Effect of illumination on commensurate-incommensurate phase transition temperature in layered semiconductor TlInS2
Ozdemir, S; Suleymanov, RA (1997-02-01)
The shift in the commensurate to incommensurate phase transition point as a result of thermocycling between the commensurate and incommensurate phases in the layered ferroelectric semiconductor TlInS2 is investigated, It is shown that the shifting of the phase transition point is strongly dependent on the intensity of the incident light of illumination. The observed effect is explained by the pinning process which is mole effective under illumination. Copyright (C) 1996 Elsevier Science Ltd
First order and second order phase transitions in quartz and related materials
Lider, Mustafa Cem; Yurtseven, Hasan Hamit; Department of Physics (2017)
The mechanism of the phase transitions in quartz and in the related materials is investigated. First order and second order transitions are explained on the basis of various models using experimental data from literature. Inparticular, the Landau phenomenological theory is employed in terms of the order parameters and the temperature- pressure (T-P) phase diagram is constructed for those materials of interest. The sym- metry change of crystal structure is also analyzed by using group theory. The thermodynam...
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S. Ozdemir, R. Suleymanov, E. Civan, and T. Firat, “Thermally stimulated current in layered semiconductor TlInS2 with incommensurate phase,” SOLID STATE COMMUNICATIONS, pp. 385–390, 1996, Accessed: 00, 2020. [Online]. Available: