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Critical Fluid Velocities for Removing Cuttings Bed Inside Horizontal and Deviated Wells

Ozbayoglu, M. E.
Saasen, A.
Sorgun, M.
Svanes, K.
This study aims to estimate the critical fluid flow velocity for preventing the development of a stationary bed using empirical correlations valid for horizontal and highly inclined wellbores that can be easily used at the field. For this purpose, experiments have been conducted at METU-PETE Cuttings Transport Flow Loop for various conditions. Observations showed that a stationary bed is developed when the fuid velocity is less than 6.0 ft/s, and a critical fluid velocity of 8.0 ft/s is required to establish a no-bed condition. Results showed that the critical velocity and the thickness of the stationary bed, if developed, could be estimated with a reasonable accuracy.