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Design of Polarization and Incident Angle Insensitive Dual-Band Metamaterial Absorber Based on Isotropic Resonator

Dincer, Furkan
Sabah, Cumali
Polarization and incident angle independent metamaterial-based absorber (MA) which acts as a strong dual-band resonator is designed and constructed. Besides, a method to design single/dualband MA is presented in detail. The proposed model is based on isotropic ring resonator with gaps and octa-star strip (OSS) which allows maximization in the absorption because of the characteristic features of the structure. Reflection and absorption responses are obtained both numerically and experimentally and compared to each other. Two maxima in the absorption are experimentally obtained around 90% at 4.42 GHz for the first band and 99.7% at 5.62 GHz for the second band which are in good agreement with the numerical simulations (95.6% and 99.9%, respectively). The numerical studies verify that the dual-band MA can provide perfect absorption at wide angles of incidence for both transverse electric (T E) and transverse magnetic (TM) waves. The proposed model can easily be used in many potential application areas such as security systems, sensors, medical imaging technology.