Detailed chromosome measurements and karyotype asymmetry of some Vicia (Fabaceae) taxa from Turkey

Yildiz, Hatice Kubra
Binzat, Okan Kaan
This study examined the detailed chromosome measurements and karyotype asymmetries of seven taxa in the genus Vicia. The taxa are V. articulata, V. cassubica, V. villosa subsp. villosa in sect. Cracca, V. noeana var. noeana, V. sativa subsp. sativa, V. peregrina in sect. Vicia and V. caesarea in sect. Ervum. V. cassubica, V. noeana var. noeana, V. sativa subsp. sativa, V. caesarea have 2n = 12 chromosomes. V. articulata, V. villosa subsp. villosa, V. peregrina have 2n = 14 chromosomes in somatic cells. Total chromosome lengths range between 2.93-4.99 mu m in V. articulata, 2.09-4.73 mu m in V. cassubica, 1.86-3.36 mu m in V. villosa subsp. villosa, 4.23-6.05 mu m in V. noeana var. noeana, 2.07-3.72 mu m in V. sativa subsp. sativa, 4.32-7.21 mu m in V. peregrina and 2.39-5.78 mu m in V. caesarea. The detailed chromosome measurements, relative lengths, centromeric indexes and karyotype asymmetries are also given. V. articulata is the most symmetrical karyotype, while V. villosa subsp. villosa is the most asymmetrical karyotype in intrachromosomal asymmetry including parameters of M-CA, AsK, TF, Syi, A1, and A. However, the asymmetrical karyotypes are different in interchromosomal asymmetries. While V. noeana var. noeana is the most symmetrical karyotype in CVCL, Rec, and A2. V. caesarea is the most asymmetrical karyotype in only CVCL and A2. Unlike all parameters, V. cassubica is the most asymmetrical karyotype in Rec value. The scatter diagrams are given between M-CA-CVCL and Syi-Rec.


A cytomorphological study in some taxa of the genus Salvia L. (Lamiaceae)
MARTİN, ESRA; Cetin, Ozlem; Kahraman, Ahmet; Celep, Ferhat; Doğan, Musa (2011-07-01)
The taxa of the genus Salvia L. (Lamiaceae) used in this study were collected from their natural habitats in Turkey. In this paper, the number, size and morphology of somatic chromosomes of 22 Turkish taxa of Salvia, namely S. bracteata Banks & Sol., S. fruticosa Mill., S. huberi Hedge, S. hydrangea DC. ex Benth., S. nemorosa L. and S. pomifera L. (2n=14), S. adenocaulon P.H. Davis and S. aucheri Benth. subsp. canescens Boiss. & Heldr., (2n=18), S. argentea L., S. frigida Boiss., S. palestina Benth., S. poc...
Karyomorphological studies in seven taxa of the genus Salvia (Lamiaceae) in Turkey
MARTİN, ESRA; Altinordu, Fahim; Celep, Ferhat; KAHRAMAN, AHMET; Doğan, Musa (2015-03-01)
In this study, the karyotypes of mitotic chromosomes were determined of seven taxa of Salvia (Lamiaceae) collected from their natural habitats in Turkey: S. viridis (2n = 16), S. candidissima subsp. occidentalis (2n = 20), S. sclarea, S. ceratophylla, S. chionantha (2n = 22), S. viscosa and S. verticillata subsp. amasiaca (2n = 32). The karyotype formulae were 5m+3sm in S. viridis, 2M+5m+3sm in S. candidissima subsp. occidentalis, 1M+10m in S. sclarea, 8m+3sm in S. ceratophylla, 7m+4sm in S. chionantha, 9m+...
Dogan, Gulden; Yılmaz, Aslı; Bagci, Eyup; Kaya, Zeki (2017-12-01)
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E. MARTİN, H. K. Yildiz, A. KAHRAMAN, O. K. Binzat, and H. E. EROĞLU, “Detailed chromosome measurements and karyotype asymmetry of some Vicia (Fabaceae) taxa from Turkey,” CARYOLOGIA, pp. 224–232, 2018, Accessed: 00, 2020. [Online]. Available: