Experimental Investigation of New Indices of Broken Rotor Bar in Induction Motor

Oumaamar, M. E. K.
Razik, H.
Rezzoug, A.
Chemali, H.
Khezzar, A.
Most of rotor related faults in three-phase induction motors are due to broken rotor bars and end-ring defects. Nowadays Inductions motors are more frequently used with inverters which make the diagnosis process more complicated. Furthermore, some manufacturers of induction machines mount converters (i.e. rectifier and inverter) directly onto the machine, which makes the stator current unattainable for diagnosis. In order to overcome these drawbacks, the authors propose to analyze new motor fault signatures in the supply line current of the inverter. Experimental and simulation results show a total agreement and confirm the effectiveness of the present study.


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Goksu, Omer; Hava, Ahmet Masum (2010-01-01)
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Line Current Analysis for Bearing fault Detection In Induction Motors Using Hilbert Transform Phase
Oumaamar, M. E. K.; Razik, H.; Rezzoug, A.; Khezzar, A. (2011-09-10)
The present paper focuses by means of an experimental study, on the effect of a bearing fault on the stator current signatures in induction motors. The variation in the amplitude of the characteristic components is not so significant. For that and in order to depict the presence of the fault harmonic signatures, the authors used the phase analysis of Hilbert transform applied on the spectrum modulus of the line current.
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