Extremely-broad band metamaterial absorber for solar energy harvesting based on star shaped resonator

Sabah, Cumali
A new metamaterial absorber (MA) is investigated and shown numerically for solar energy harvesting for future solar cell applications. The structure consists of two metals and one dielectric layer having different thicknesses. Owing to this combination, the structure exhibits plasmonic resonance characteristics. In the entire spectrum of visible frequency region, the obtained results show that investigated structure has perfect absorptivity which is above 91.8%. Proposed structure also has 99.87% absorption at 613.94 THz and 99% absorption between 548 and 669 THz. The proposed structure also shows both polarization and angle independency for the entire visible region. The MA based solar cell proposes high absorption with an upper ratio of 90% in the widest range of visible spectrum comparing to the studies in literature. Hence, the proposed metamaterial absorber solar cells can be used for invisibility in entire spectrum of visible light. The absorption characteristics of the solar absorber are also investigated for infrared and ultraviolet region. The enhancement of absorption of the structure will provide new type of sensors in these frequency ranges.


Multiband Metamaterial Absorber Design Based on Plasmonic Resonances for Solar Energy Harvesting
Mulla, Batuhan; Sabah, Cumali (2016-10-01)
A new metamaterial absorber is designed and characterized numerically for the harvesting of solar energy. The design is composed of three layers in which the interaction among them gives rise to the plasmonic resonances. The main operation frequency range of the proposed structure is chosen to be the visible regime. However, the design is also analyzed for the infrared and ultraviolet regimes. In order to characterize the absorber, some parametric studies with respect to the dimensions of the structure are ...
Wide-band perfect metamaterial absorber for solar cells applications
Rufangura, Patrick; Sabah, Cumali; Sustainable Environment and Energy Systems (2015-8)
Global adoption of solar photovoltaic (PV) cells as a sustainable substitute to fossil fuel technologies has been impeded by its low efficiency. Generally, efficiency of these devices strongly depends on their ability to absorb radiations of electromagnetic waves incident on them. Their low absorptivity provides a challenge. Metamaterials (MTM) based solar cells offer an opportunity for increasing the system efficiency by enhancing the total absorbed solar radiation incident on solar PV cells. In this thesi...
New generation metamaterial for energy harvesting
Üstünsoy, Mehmet Paşa; Sabah, Cumali; Sustainable Environment and Energy Systems (2017-8)
Scientists and researchers have been working for many years to find alternative energy sources for gathering the energy demand in which solar energy is a kind of renewable energy source. The proposed structures can be used in several applications such as antennas, EM filters, sensors, THz imaging systems, infrared spectroscopy, infrared cameras, solar cells, and so on. The aim of this thesis is to design and analyze new metamaterial absorbers and energy harvesters with different materials. In addition to th...
Design and characterization of a dual-band perfect metamaterial absorber for solar cell applications
Rufangura, Patrick; Sabah, Cumali (2016-06-25)
This paper proposes a metamaterial absorber design for solar energy harvesting using a simplified and symmetric structure. A unit cell of this design consists of three important layers namely, the bottom metallic layer, which is gold lossy, the intermediate layer: made of a lossy dielectric material that is gallium arsenide and patches which formed by a combination of gold and gallium arsenide. These three important layers are being carefully arranged at the top of a dielectric spacer. The geometric structu...
Theoretical and thermal characterization of a wideband perfect absorber for application in solar cells
Rufangura, Patrick; Sabah, Cumali (2016-12-01)
This paper suggests a metamaterial (MTM) absorber structure to be used for efficiency improved solar cell. The proposed MTM absorber consists of the topmost three concentric circular ring resonators, and a ground metal plane sandwiched to the top layer with a dielectric spacer. Numerical simulation and theoretical (interference theory) studies on the proposed design show a wideband with near-perfect (>99%) absorption response in the visible frequency region of the solar spectrum. Thermal characterization of...
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M. BAĞMANCI, M. KARAASLAN, E. ÜNAL, O. AKGÖL, and C. Sabah, “Extremely-broad band metamaterial absorber for solar energy harvesting based on star shaped resonator,” OPTICAL AND QUANTUM ELECTRONICS, pp. 0–0, 2017, Accessed: 00, 2020. [Online]. Available: https://hdl.handle.net/11511/68045.