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Toward predicting climate change effects on lakes: a comparison of 1656 shallow lakes from Florida and Denmark reveals substantial differences in nutrient dynamics, metabolism, trophic structure, and top-down control

Jeppesen, Erik
Canfield, Daniel E.
Bachmann, Roger W.
Sondergaard, Martin
Havens, Karl E.
Johansson, Liselotte S.
Lauridsen, Torben L.
Tserenpil, Sh
Rutter, Robert P.
Warren, Gary
Ji, Gaohua
Hoyer, Mark
Rapid climate changes may potentially have strong impacts on the ecosystem structure and nutrient dynamics of lakes as well as implications for water quality. We used a space-for-time approach to elucidate such possible effects by comparing data from 1656 shallow lakes (mean depth 100 mu g L-1) in the FL lakes, but coverage was higher in the DK lakes at low TP. We also found lower oxygen saturation in the nutrient-rich FL lakes than in the DK lakes, suggesting lower net ecosystem production in the FL lakes. We discuss our results within the framework of climate warming.