Recovery of copper from the old copper slags of Küre distric by flotation.

Ener, Tolga


Recovery of Rare Earths from a Bastnasite Preconcentrate. “Rare Earths and Actinides: Science, Technology and Applications IV” TMS 2000
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Recovery of cobalt from pyrite concentrate of Ergani copper works by flotation.
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Recovery of Iron from Turkish and Iranian Red Muds
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Turkish and Iranian red mud samples of different composition and mineralogy were processed by solid-state reduction followed by wet magnetic separation and smelting, two commonly used pyrometallurgical methods for iron recovery. The application of these two methods on the same samples allowed them to be compared thoroughly and to be examined for versatility. The results showed that it was possible to recover more than 90% of iron using both methods. However, the concentrate obtained by the first method cont...
Recovery of the borax in the waste sludge of kırka tincal concentrator of Etibank.
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T. Ener, “Recovery of copper from the old copper slags of Küre distric by flotation.,” Middle East Technical University, 1970.