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Integromic Analysis of Genetic Variation and Gene Expression Identifies Networks for Cardiovascular Disease Phenotypes

Yao, Chen
Chen, Brian H.
Joehanes, Roby
Otlu, Burcak
Zhang, Xiaoling
Liu, Chunyu
Huan, Tianxiao
Tastan, Oznur
Cupples, L. Adrienne
Meigs, James B.
Fox, Caroline S.
Freedman, Jane E.
Courchesne, Paul
O'Donnell, Christopher J.
Munson, Peter J.
Keles, Sunduz
Levy, Daniel
Background-Cardiovascular disease (CVD) reflects a highly coordinated complex of traits. Although genome-wide association studies have reported numerous single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) to be associated with CVD, the role of most of these variants in disease processes remains unknown.