Policy brief 5: diversity in entrepreneurship

Diverse neighbourhoods represent significant opportunities for different forms of entrepreneurship, which can contribute to their economic regeneration. This policy brief focuses on entrepreneurship in deprived and diverse neighbourhoods. It discusses the relations between diversity and entrepreneurship and presents evidence on the connections between entrepreneurship, diversity and economic performance, and the role of entrepreneurship on social cohesion. It argues for revising existing policies related to the different forms of entrepreneurship in diverse and deprived neighbourhoods, as well as for new measures to support entrepreneurship.


Governing Urban Diversity: Creating Social Cohesion, Social Mobility and Economic Performance in Today's Hyper-diversified Cities (DIVERCITIES)
Eraydın, Ayda(2017-1-28)
The central hypothesis of this project is that socio-economic, socio-demographic, ethnic and cultural diversity can positively affect social cohesion, economic performance and social mobility of individuals and groups. A better social cohesion, higher economic performance and increased chances for social mobility will make European cities more liveable and more competitive. In this period of long-term economic downturn (or sometimes even crisis) and increasing competition from countries elsewhere in the wor...
The relationship between corporate entrepreneurship and innovation and the moderating effect of transformational leadership
Soyal, Barış; Wasti Pamuksuz, Syeda Nazlı; Department of Science and Technology Policy Studies (2020)
Innovation has one of the most important activities for ensuring competitiveness and development which results in sustainable economic growth.Innovation is encouraged by corporate entrepreneurship which challenges bureaucracy and promotesentrepreneurial behaviorswithin an organization. Corporate entrepreneurial environmentis the stimulator ofinnovation within large companiesthrough development of new opportunities, renewing processes, implementationof new methods,andexploitat...
Locational Choice Criteria of Private Theater Spaces: The Case of Ankara
Yazıcı, Tutku Gizem; Büyükcivelek, Ahmet Burak; Department of City Planning (2023-3-24)
With the recognition of the importance of creative and cultural industries in the development of cities, studies on the location criteria of the creative class and indirectly related occupations have increased. However, both the creative industries and the creative class differ in terms of their motivations for location, so there is a need for studies based on the dynamics of different sectors and professions. Theaters show different characteristics within the cultural industries regarding their production ...
Girişimcilik, yenilikçilik ve bölgesel kalkınma : Türkiye'deki Nuts II bölgeleri üzerine bir analiz
Demirdağ, İsmail (null; 2016-10-13)
Girişimcilik ve yenilik (inovasyon) karşılıklı olarak bir birleriyle ilişkilidir. Schumpeter (1934) girişimciyi bir yenilikçi, yaratıcı-yıkım sürecinin bir uygulayıcısı ve ekonomik kalkınmanın önemli bir unsuru olarak tanımlamaktadır. Özellikle son yıllarda, girişimcilik ülkelerin ve bölgelerin ekonomik kalkınmalarının ve büyümelerinin önemli bir uyarıcısı ve sürücüsü olarak kabul edilmektedir. Bu makale, bu bağlamda, yenilik (inovasyon), girişimcilik ve bölgesel ekonomik kalkınma arasındaki ilişkiyi incele...
İnvestigating the mediating role of innovation in the relationship between entrepreneurship and regional economic development
Demirdağ, İsmail (2018-12-01)
Purpose: This study aims to show how innovation plays as a mediator in the link between entrepreneurship and economic development level. Methodology: Using data of 26 NUTS II regions of Turkey and mediation analysis technique, the study has examined the associations among the variables for four periods: 1995, 2000, 2005, and 2010. Findings: The results, supporting the mainstream arguments in the literature and the main hypothesis, illustrate that the interaction between entrepreneurship and innovation has a...
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