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Investigation of solder materials and bond formation for wafer level packaging of mems devices

Temel, Oğuzhan
MEMS devices are microscale systems which are fabricated using micro fabrication techniques. MEMS systems suggest many different functional devices for both military applications and consumer products. The packaging of MEMS devices is one of the most challenging parts of MEMS commercialization. Each type of MEMS device may need special operation environment. Therefore, the packaging of MEMS devices must provide required hermeticity in order to keep the special environment throughout the device's lifetime. Also another aspect of the production of MEMS devices is the miniaturization of the devices. The die level packaging of the MEMS devices is very costly. The use of wafer-level-packaging (WLP) processes enables the packaging of the devices with a single bonding process before the wafer is diced to have individual devices. In this thesis work materials and material systems and processes which enables the wafer level packaging of MEMS devices will be investigated.