Assessment of consolidation settlements in Karacabey soft clays: Estimated and monitored behaviour

Çelik, Gözde
Settlement of highway embankments constructed over clayey soft soils is a major problem encountered in maintaining highway facilities. Accurate estimation of consolidation settlement amounts and times has been a challenge for engineers in practice. In this study, field settlement measurements of 26 stations between 600 and 750 days of durations in Karacabey NC clays and comparison of these measured magnitudes of settlements with calculated settlements from oedometer tests are assessed. The correlation between predicted settlements using oedometer test data and observed settlements in the field is proposed. Stroud approaches are compared with the coefficients of volume compressibility back calculated and their trend is presented. The relationship between tip resistance (qc) of cone penetration test and constrained modulus is investigated. The magnitudes of final settlements are estimated by using Asaoka and Horn’s extrapolation methods including 70% of the monitored settlement data. Furthermore, time data versus field settlement are used to predict the primary consolidation amounts. Equations providing correction factors to the magnitudes of settlements, calculated by oedometer results, are formed to estimate the magnitudes of settlements that would occur in the field. Karacabey clays exhibit typical secondary consolidation behaviors. Tertiary consolidation behaviors are also observed in 11 of total 26 stations. Cs/Cc and Ct/Cc ranges are recommended for engineering practices to predict the secondary and tertiary consolidation settlements. In addition, the relationship between the compression index (Cc) and the secondary and tertiary consolidation coefficients (Cs-Ct) is investigated, and relations, in which laboratory data and idealized geological profile geometry are evaluated as numerical parameters, are proposed. Studies have shown that there is a nonlinear relationship rather than a linear one between independent variables and targeted dependent variables, and iterative non-linear regression analysis are performed to drive the assumed equation model.


Assessment of slope stability in Ankara clay: a case study along E90 highway
Teoman, MB; Topal, Tamer; Isik, NS (2004-05-01)
Some slope instability problems exist in Ankara clay along E90 highway. The purpose of this paper is to determine the mineralogical and geotechnical properties of soils, and to investigate the causes and mechanisms of three rotational landslides along a section of the highway. In order to accomplish these tasks, field studies, laboratory testing, back analyses, and limit equilibrium and finite difference analyses were performed. The landslides are formed within a soil consisting of clay and silt with a litt...
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Dadashzadeh, N.; Aras, C.; Yesiloglu-Gultekin, N.; Bilgin Altınöz, Ayşe Güliz; Düzgün, Hafize Şebnem (2014-05-29)
Rockfalls are one of the major hazards in hilly regions which can impose significant damages to the structures as well as human lives and property. Understanding the behavior of a rockfall along its trajectory is essential in order to design and implement protection measures for providing safe environment. Coefficient of restitution is one of the most important parameters for predicting a rockfall behavior. Back analysis is an effective tool in estimating the coefficient of restitution for a specific area. ...
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Pavements can be considered as one of the most constructed, renewed and repaired structures. This fact implies the need of continuous R&D works to be able to get the highest efficiency of those pavements, which can be only done through a good harmonized conjunct work between the field and the laboratory. In the recent years, Roller Compacted Concrete (RCC) has been increasingly used in pavement applications due to many advantages of this type of concrete, and the similarity to the production equipment of as...
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Estimation of diffuse pollution loads of pesticides in tersakan sub-basin of Yeşilirmak river
Ayyıldız, Ceren; Ünlü, Kahraman; Department of Environmental Engineering (2019)
Tersakan Creek is one of the highly polluted tributaries of Yeşilırmak River because it receives pollution loads both from discharges of the industrial facilities and run-off water of the agricultural areas in the sub-basin. A monitoring program was implemented to determine the water quality status of the sub-basin in accordance with the EU Water Framework Directive (WFD). The results of the water sample analyses revealed that concentrations of 22 pesticides, out of the detected 57 pesticides, exceeded the ...
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G. Çelik, “Assessment of consolidation settlements in Karacabey soft clays: Estimated and monitored behaviour,” Ph.D. - Doctoral Program, Middle East Technical University, 2020.