Woman's Writing and the Body in a Turkish Context: Erendiz Atasu's The Other Side of the Mountain

The mind-body dualism and woman's perception of her body in patriarchal culture have been major concerns for feminist thinking in the West. This essay attempts to place this issue within a non-western context through an analysis of the Turkish author Erendiz Atasu's novel, The Other Side of the Mountain (2000). The essay explores the way Atasu's novel employs a variety of thematic and formal devices to represent the modern emancipated Turkish woman's relationship with her body. It also discusses how these concerns manifest themselves in the 'embodied' style of writing adopted throughout. By drawing parallels between the treatment of this issue in the novel and the development of feminist theorizing about the body in the West, the essay demonstrates that Atasu's novel operates not only on a culturally specific level but also on a more universal level, making a significant literary contribution to the wider feminist project of undermining the dichotomies rooted in patriarchy.


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