The Case of Alevis in Turkey and the Challenge to Liberal Multiculturalism

This paper investigates how and why Alevis in Turkey have insisted that they are not a minority community and have been reluctant to formulate their religio-cultural demands in the framework of minority rights, thereby challenging what is often called liberal multiculturalism. Inquiring into the type of minority community Alevis form, alongside Turkey’s minority rights history, it explains why the case of Alevis necessitates a certain revaluation of liberal multiculturalism, as well as a reformulation of group-specific minority rights. We argue that the liberal multiculturalist understanding of minority rights may force minorities to lead a socially isolated and apolitical life, with no possibility to participate in a pluralistic reconstruction of the mainstream symbolic framework in society, which is contrary to the aims of Alevis in Turkey.
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M. Şen and A. Karademir, “The Case of Alevis in Turkey and the Challenge to Liberal Multiculturalism,” pp. 1–17, 2020, Accessed: 00, 2020. [Online]. Available: